Welcome to Sports Gaming Rosters

Hello sports fans and gaming world. My name is Jonathan Carrano. I ran the blog sportsbyblayze.blogspot.com for the past six years. I specialize in mock drafts, power rankings and other happenings.

Those of you who are familiar with Operation Sports know me from the forums as well. I have worked on rosters, draft classes and other such projects.

I created this website as a one stop spot for everything sports roster creation (thus the very unique, creative website title) and maintenance.

Do you have rosters you would like to share with the passionate sports gaming community? Head over to the roster page. Perhaps you want to add that undrafted free agent yourself. You can find all active players in the database here.

This is a soft roll out. There is a lot to work on, and I hope that you will all enjoy, bookmark, and share this site with your friends.

Thank you!

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