2017 NFL Draft – First Round Fantasy Rankings

We all play fantasy football, right? Of course we do. Why else would we care about who the Rams backup tight end is? With the unexpected run of offensive players, expect things to get interesting come fantasy draft time, especially for those of us who play in dynasty leagues. Here is how I would rank … Continue reading 2017 NFL Draft – First Round Fantasy Rankings


2017 NFL Draft – First Round Pick Rankings

I really do not like to give draft grades. If you look at some other sites, it basically boils down to "blah blah blah got picked 7 picks higher than I had him ranked, the team should have traded down and still got the guy, F." People need to realize the cost that it takes … Continue reading 2017 NFL Draft – First Round Pick Rankings

2017 NFL Mock Draft – Day Two

As is usually the case, there is still a lot of quality talent to be had. This will all be pointless, of course, but you can see who is still available. Round 2 33. Green Bay Packers - CB Chidobe Awuzie, Colorado. The Packers need secondary help bad. There are several cornerbacks available. 34. Seattle … Continue reading 2017 NFL Mock Draft – Day Two

2017 NFL Draft – Live Analysis

Hello sports fans. Make sure to bookmark this page, as I will give my analysis on each 2017 NFL Draft first round pick as it unfolds. Also, I will be updating depth charts as players are drafted. You can view those here. 2017 NFL Off Season Hub 1. Cleveland Browns Predicted Pick: DE Myles Garrett, … Continue reading 2017 NFL Draft – Live Analysis

2017 NFL Mock Draft – 4/26/17

FOLLOW MY LIVE 2017 NFL DRAFT ANALYSIS HERE With just one day to go until the draft, expect changes throughout the day. For that reason, I will probably update this a couple times, and not bother with fancy formatting. Get ready to read a mock draft that looks like it's from a 1998 Angelfire page. … Continue reading 2017 NFL Mock Draft – 4/26/17

2017 NBA Mock Draft – 4/14/17

With the regular season over this is a good time for a new mock draft. The order is based on the unofficial lottery order. And of course, the playoffs have no bearing on draft position. This mock contains everyone who has declared, either by hiring an agent or simply testing the waters. Please check the … Continue reading 2017 NBA Mock Draft – 4/14/17

2017 MLB Mock Draft – 4/10/17

  I have been writing mock drafts since I was a middle school kid in the early 90's. This is the first time I have ever tried to do the baseball thing. Frankly, I know nothing about these players, but am planning on creating MLB 17 The Show draft classes this summer, so this is … Continue reading 2017 MLB Mock Draft – 4/10/17

2017 MLB Predictions

A day late and a dollar short, but here they are regardless. Like my basketball predictions, I used a scoring system where I ranked each starting player, rotation pitcher and top two bullpen arms. Add, divide, get the score listed next to each team name. It's not perfect, and favors "on paper" rosters, but it's … Continue reading 2017 MLB Predictions