MLB The Show 17 CAP’s

This is the home page for all of my MLB The Show 17 CAP’s.

If you do not know what a CAP it, is stands for Create A Player. Like Madden, the user is unable to create actual draft classes. Fortunately, all non-MLB players are fully editable. I have created several 2017 draft prospects and foreign free agents (both from Asia and the South American/Central America countries).

Here is how I would propose editing drafted players.

  1. You cannot edit the players until the 2018 season starts. Try to type up a list of drafted players after the draft.
  2. Not all players will sign. Pay attention and edit your list appropriately.
  3. A lot of fresh out of the draft players end up in upper minors immediately. Try to make these players college draftees.
  4. Some foreign free agents are signed as well. You will see some guys in the 70’s with D potential. I like making these players either Japanese free agents or seasoned vets from Cuba or other Central America countries.
  5. is your friend. If a fake player slips through your notes, and you are unsure if he is real, check on that site.

The links below include ratings, reference photos and a YouTube video of face and equipment creation. The teams were who I assigned the players to in my own franchise. The actual draft takes place on June 12.

I hope you enjoy. Please like my Facebook page (link at the upper right of this page) and subscribe to my YouTube channel (where you will see CAP videos for each player here).

2017 Draft Prospects

Round 1

1. Minnesota Twins – RHP Hunter Greene
2. Cincinnati Reds – RHP Brendan McKay
3. San Diego Padres – CF Jeren Kendall
4. Tampa Bay Rays – RF Austin Beck
5. Atlanta Braves – RHP J.B. Bukauskas
6. Oakland Athletics – SS Royce Lewis
7. Arizona Diamondbacks – RHP Kyle Wright
8. Philadelphia Phillies – LHP MacKenzie Gore
9. Milwaukee Brewers – 1B Pavin Smith
10. Los Angeles Angels – CF Adam Haseley
11. Chicago White Sox – RHP Alex Faedo
12. Pittsburgh Pirates – LHP D.L. Hall
13. Miami Marlins – CF Jordon Adell
14. Kansas City Royals – 1B Nick Pratto
15. Houston Astros – RHP Shane Baz
16. New York Yankees – RHP Alex Lange
17. Seattle Mariners – RHP Tanner Houck
18. Detroit Tigers – RHP Sam Carlson
19. San Francisco Giants – LHP Trevor Rogers
20. New York Mets – LHP David Peterson
21. Baltimore Orioles – RHP Griffin Canning
22. Toronto Blue Jays – RHP Blayne Enlow
23. Los Angeles Dodgers – 3B Jake Burger
24. Boston Red Sox – LHP Seth Romero
25. Washington Nationals – RHP Hans Crouse
26. Texas Rangers – RHP Wil Crowe
27. Chicago Cubs – CF Bubba Thompson
28. Toronto Blue Jays – 2B Logan Warmoth
29. Texas Rangers – LF Keston Hiura
30. Chicago Cubs – RHP Corbin Martin
31. Tampa Bay Rays – (no more fictional players)
32. Cincinnati Reds – SS Nick Allen
33. Oakland Athletics – 1B Evan White
34. Milwaukee Brewers – LHP Brendon Little
35. Minnesota Twins – CF Quentin Holmes
36. Miami Marlins – (no more fictional players)

Round 2

37. Minnesota Twins – RHP Tanner Burns
38. Cincinnati Reds – RF Tristen Lutz
39. San Diego Padres – RHP Nate Pearson
40. Atlanta Braves – RHP Matt Sauer
41. Pittsburgh Pirates – RHP Clarke Schmidt
42. Oakland Athletics – LHP Jacob Heatherly
43. Arizona Diamondbacks – RHP Alex Scherff
44. Philadelphia Phillies – RHP Tristan Beck
45. Milwaukee Brewers – CF Drew Waters
46. Los Angeles Angels – RHP Steven Jennings
47. Colorado Rockies – 1B Brent Rooker
48. Chicago White Sox – LF Heliot Ramos
49. Pittsburgh Pirates – RF Conner Uselton
50. Kansas City Royals – LHP Daniel Tillo
51. Houston Astros – RHP Blaine Knight
52. Seattle Mariners – SS Chris Seise
53. Houston Astros – SS Jeter Downs
54. Detroit Tigers – RHP Hagen Danner
55. San Francisco Giants – 3B Ryan Vilade
56. New York Mets – CF Kevin Merrell
57. Baltimore Orioles – RHP Jake Thompson
58. Toronto Blue Jays – RHP James Marinan
59. Los Angeles Dodgers – LF Stuart Fairchild
60. Cleveland Indians – CF Garrett Mitchell
61. Washington Nationals – RHP Kyle Hurt
62. Texas Rangers – RHP Bryce Montes de Oca
63. Chicago Cubs – RHP Caden Lemons
64. Arizona Diamondbacks – RHP Garrett Cave
65. San Diego Padres – RHP Zach Pop
66. Colorado Rockies – RHP Glenn Otto
67. Cleveland Indians – RHP Tyler Johnson
68. Pittsburgh Pirates – RHP Landon Leach
69. Kansas City Royals – RHP Morgan Cooper
70. Baltimore Orioles – LF Daniel Cabrera
71. Houston Astros – LHP Asa Lacy

Additional Prospects


Oakland Athletics – C Riley Adams
Seattle Mariners – C Luis Campusano
Colorado Rockies – C Evan Skoug
San Francisco Giants – C Matt Whatley
Chicago White Sox – C Sam McMillan
Texas Rangers – C Connor Wong
Atlanta Braves – C David Banuelos

First Base

Oakland Athletics – 1B KJ Harrison
Chicago Cubs – 1B Gavin Sheets
Texas Rangers – 1B Dylan Busby
Washington Nationals – 1B Sean Bouchard

Third Base

Baltimore Orioles – 3B Mark Vientos
Philadelphia Phillies – 3B Will Toffey


St. Louis Cardinals – SS Brady McConnell
Philadelphia Phillies – SS Jesse Berardi
Los Angeles Dodgers – SS Zach Rutherford

Left Field

St. Louis Cardinals – LF Jacob Pearson
Oakland Athletics – LF Drew Ellis

Center Field

Chicago Cubs – CF Brian Miller
Atlanta Braves – CF Cole Brannen

Right Field

Atlanta Braves – RF Mason House
Philadelphia Phillies – RF Greg Deichmann
Baltimore Orioles – RF Calvin Mitchell
San Diego Padres – RF Jared Oliva

Left Handed Pitcher

San Diego Padres – LHP Seth Corry
Milwaukee Brewers – LHP Luke Heimlich
Cleveland Indians – LHP Shane Drohan
Cleveland Indians – LHP Zac Lowther
Detroit Tigers – LHP Jake Eder
Atlanta Braves – LHP Nick Raquet
San Diego Padres – LHP Alex Troop
San Diego Padres – LHP Oliver Jaskie
San Francisco Giants – LHP Ricky Tyler Thomas

Right Handed Pitcher

Minnesota Twins – RHP Chris McMahon
Cincinnati Reds – RHP Colton Hawk
Cleveland Indians – RHP Michael Mercado
Detroit Tigers – RHP Tony Dibrell
Kansas City Royals – RHP Drew Rasmussen
Minnesota Twins – RHP James Karinchack
Minnesota Twins – RHP Charlie Barnes
Los Angeles Angels – RHP Jordan Spicer
Los Angeles Angels – RHP Justin Lewis
Seattle Mariners – RHP Brad Dobzanski
Chicago Cubs – RHP Spencer Strider
Texas Rangers – RHP Hunter Ruth
Texas Rangers – RHP CJ Van Eyk
Washington Nationals – RHP Garett King
New York Mets – RHP Keegan Thompson
New York Mets – RHP AJ Labas
Philadelphia Phillies – RHP Peter Solomon
Philadelphia Phillies – RHP Tommy Doyle
Philadelphia Phillies – RHP Zach Schellenger
Colorado Rockies – RHP Brian Shaffer
San Diego Padres – RHP Donnie Sellers
San Francisco Giants – RHP Caleb Sloan
San Francisco Giants – RHP Josh Roberson

International Players


Chicago White Sox – RF Luis Robert
Oakland Athletics – RHP Norge Ruiz
San Diego Padres – RF Jorge Ona


Tampa Bay Rays – SS Wander Samuel Franco
Boston Red Sox – C Daniel Flores
Minnesota Twins – SS Jelfry Marte
New York Yankees – CF Everson Pereira
Toronto Blue Jays – RHP Eric Pardinho
Cleveland Indians – CF Raimfer Salinas
Philadelphia Phillies – SS Luis Garcia
San Francisco Giants – C Antonio Cabello
Seattle Mariners – RF Julio Rodriguez
New York Mets – SS Ronny Mauricio
New York Yankees – SS Ronny Rojas
Miami Marlins – SS Ynmanol Marinez
Milwaukee Brewers – CF Larry Ernesto
Arizona Diamondbacks – RF Kristian Robinson
New York Mets – RF Adrian Hernandez
Chicago Cubs – SS Roberto Chirinos
Texas Rangers – SS Keyber Rodriguez
Cleveland Indians – RF George Valera

Japanese Free Agents

Cincinnati Reds – RHP Shohei Otani
Washington Nationals – LHP Naoki Miyanishi
Colorado Rockies – 1B Sho Nakata

Korean Free Agents

Atlanta Braves – LHP Kwang-Hyun Kim
Philadelphia Phillies – LHP Hyeon-jong Wang

International Free Agents

Washington Nationals – LF Alfredo Despaigne

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