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MLB The Show 17 CAP – SS Jelfry Marte

Jelfry Marte


Hometown: La Vega, La Vega, Dominican Republic
Position: SS
DOB: 3/27/2001
Bats: S Throws: R
Height: 5’10” Weight: 140 lbs


Batting Tendency: Balanced
Potential: 86
Contact v R: 37
Contact v L: 35
Power v R: 27
Power v L: 28
Bunting Ability: 27
Drag Bunting: 20
Plate Vision: 32
Plate Discipline: 20
Batting Clutch: 22
Durability: 54
Speed: 53
Arm Strength: 55
Arm Accuracy: 58
Reaction: 56
Fielding Ability: 57
Stealing: 30
BR Aggressiveness: 23

Sports Gaming Rosters YouTube CAP Video

Reference Photos

No photos of Marte exist on Google. I did not add any additional equipment and randomized the bat, glove and batting stance to best fit other Central American prospects I created.

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