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Madden NFL 18 CAP – HB Ronald Jones II, USC

Ronald Jones II


School: USC
Hometown: McKinney, TX
Height: 6-0
Weight: 220 lbs

Player Info

First Name: Ronald
Last Name: Jones II
Position: HB
Number: 25
College: USC
Age: 21
Handedness: Right


Height: 6’0
Weight: 200
Skin Tone: 7
Face: 17

Equipment (Not listed equals none)

Helmet Type: Riddell 360
Face Mask: 360 Robot 2
Visor: Clear
Pad Height: 0
Pad Width: 0
Left Elbow: Thin Band Black
Right Elbow: Thin Band Black
Left Hand: Nike Hyperbeast Black
Right Hand: Nike Hyperbeast Black
Thigh Pads: Nike
Knee Pads: Nike
Sock Height: Standard
Shoes: Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD


Strength: 69
Agility: 90
Speed: 90
Acceeration: 93
Awareness: 62
Catching: 70
Carrying: 82
Pass Blocking: 43
Run Blocking: 31
Jumping: 92
Kick/Punt Return: 83
Trucking: 77
Elusiveness: 84
BC Vision: 83
Stiff Arm: 80
Spin Move: 86
Juke Move: 85
Impact Blocking: 40
Spectacular Catch: 66
Catch in Traffic: 67
Route Running: 66
Release: 47
Injury: 87
Stamina: 85
Toughness: 75

Player Traits

Fights for Extra Yards: No
Covers the Ball: Brace Against Big Hitters
High Motor: No
Penalty: Normal

Sports Gaming Rosters YouTube CAP Video

Reference Photos

NCAA Football: Utah at Southern California

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