Madden NFL 18 CAP – 4-3 DE Sam Hubbard, Ohio State

4-3 DE | Sam Hubbard | 79 OVR

Ohio State Football

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

ESPN Player Page

Player Info

First Name: Sam
Last Name: Hubbard
Position: 4-3 DE
Jersey #: 90-99
Handedness: Right
College: Ohio State
Player Type: Balanced 4-3


Height: 6’5
Weight: 265
Age: 22
Select Skin Tone: 2
Select Face: 7

Equipment (not listed is none)

Helmet Type: Riddell Speed Flex
Face Mask: Speed Flex Robot RB
Sleeves: Sleeveless
Left Wrist: Double Wristbands Black
Right Wrist: Double Wristbands Black
Left Hand: Nike Hyperbeast Black
Right Hand: Nike Hyperbeast Black
Sock Height: Standard
Shoes: Nike Zoom Code Elite

Core Attributes

Strength: 90
Tackle: 78
Block Shedding: 79
Power Moves: 82
Finesse Moves: 70
Speed: 77
Acceleration: 80
Play Recognition: 72
Awareness: 66
Agility: 83
Hit Power: 80
Pursuit: 81
Stamina: 83

Secondary Attributes

Injury: 86
Toughness: 85
Zone Coverage: 28
Man Coverage: 39
Press: 47
Jumping: 78
Catching: 46


Bull Rush
Penalty Tendency

Reference Photos



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