Madden NFL 18 CAP – WR Christian Kirk, Texas A&M

WR | Christian Kirk | 76 OVR


Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

ESPN Player Page
Scouting Report

Player Info

First Name: Christian
Last Name: Kirk
Position: WR
Jersey #: 10-19 or 80-89
Handedness: Right
College: Texas A&M
Player Type: Quick Route Runner


Height: 5’11
Weight: 200
Age: 21
Select Skin Tone: 5
Select Face: 3

Equipment (not listed is none)

Helmet Type: Riddell 360
Face Mask: 360 Robot 2
Visor: Clear
Sleeves: Sleeveless
Left Wrist: Wristband White
Right Wrist: Wristband White
Left Hand: Adidas 5 Star 5.0 White
Right Hand: Adidas 5 Star 5.0 White
Sock Height: Standard
Shoes: Adidas Adizero 5 Star

Core Attributes

Speed: 89
Route Running: 83
Catching: 89
Acceleration: 87
Catch in Traffic: 87
Spectacular Catch: 84
Jumping: 87
Awareness: 66
Release: 72
Agility: 91
BC Vision: 70
Carrying: 72
Elusiveness: 77

Secondary Attributes

Injury: 84
Stamina: 88
Toughness: 72
Trucking: 63
Stiff Arm: 62
Juke Move: 80
Run Block: 46
Pass Block: 44
Impact blocking: 45
Kick Return: 75


Possession Catch
Run After Catch
Cover Ball
Keep Feet In Bounds
Penalty Tendency


Reference Photos


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