Madden NFL 18 CAP – QB Keller Chryst, Stanford

QB | Keller Chryst | 64 OVR


Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

ESPN Player Page

Player Info

First Name: Keller
Last Name: Chryst
Position: QB
Jersey #: 10
Handedness: Right
College: Stanford
Player Type: Pocket Passer


Height: 6’5
Weight: 234
Age: 23
Select Skin Tone: 2
Select Face: 3

Equipment (not listed is none)

Helmet Type: Schutt Standard
Face Mask: 2 Bar
Pad Height: 5
Sleeves: Sleeveless
Flak Jacket: Normal
Left Wrist: Coach White
Right Wrist: Wristband White
Towel: Normal
Sock Height: Standard
Shoes: Nike Vapor Untouchable 2

Reference Photos




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