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2018 NFL Predictions

Will not be the most exciting read, but here go my predictions, thanks to the awesome site

Click on the team name to see game by game picks.

Some thoughts.

  • The Steelers offense will be very good. So good that they will win their seventh championship.
  • The Vikings will finally end their playoff struggles and make it to the Super Bowl. Kirk Cousins was the piece that will get them over the top.
  • The 49ers new brass has rebuilt the team quite well. They are very solid on both sides of the ball.
  • Same with the Chargers front office. If Philip Rivers can hold on for one more year, they could have a special season. That defense is mega talented.
  • It was only one off season, but the game may have passed Jon Gruden by. They had a miserable off season and draft.
  • The Patriots will once again have the division won by early November. However, in this scenario, they had to play a Wild Card game and could not advance.
  • The Cowboys better get sixteen games out of Ezekiel Elliott and the running game, because the passing game looks to be very weak. They need skill position help bad.
  • The Bills better have enjoyed that playoff performance because it could be another decade plus. I would be immensely shocked if Josh Allen was the answer.
  • The Jaguars and Titans could take a small step back, and the Texans should be better. If Andrew Luck can bounce back, and if his shoulder is not shot, that could be a four horse race in the AFC North.
  • The Ravens had a great run, but bad salary cap management and even worse drafting has finally cought up to one of the NFL’s better franchises. This could be a very tough year.
  • The Legion of Boom is dead. It is hard to completely write off a team led by Russell Wilson, but it could be a tough year in Seattle.
  • The Rams are all in, but we have seen teams like this blow up before. I do not think the Rams will fall apart, but I could see them missing the playoffs.


# AFC North WLT Div
1 Steelers 13-3 5-1
9* Bengals 7-9 2-4
11 Browns 6-10 3-3
14 Ravens 5-11 2-4
# AFC South WLT Div
4 Texans 9-7 4-2
5 Jaguars 9-7 3-3
6 Titans 9-7 2-4
12 Colts 6-10 3-3
# AFC East WLT Div
3 Patriots 12-4 6-0
10 Jets 7-9 3-3
13 Dolphins 5-11 2-4
16 Bills 2-14 1-5
# AFC West WLT Div
2 Chargers 12-4 4-2
7 Broncos 8-8 3-3
8* Chiefs 7-9 4-2
15 Raiders 3-13 1-5


# NFC North WLT Div
1 Vikings 14-2 5-1
5 Packers 11-5 4-2
9 Lions 8-8 2-4
14 Bears 6-10 1-5
# NFC South WLT Div
3 Saints 11-5 5-1
7 Falcons 9-7 1-5
10 Panthers 8-8 2-4
12 Buccaneers 7-9 4-2
# NFC East WLT Div
4 Eagles 11-5 6-0
8* Giants 8-8 2-4
13 Cowboys 6-10 3-3
15 Redskins 6-10 1-5
# NFC West WLT Div
2 49ers 11-5 4-2
6 Rams 9-7 5-1
11 Seahawks 7-9 3-3
16 Cardinals 4-12 0-6


Generated By The NFL Playoff Predictor

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