2018 NFL Predictions

Will not be the most exciting read, but here go my predictions, thanks to the awesome site http://www.nflplayoffpredictor.com

Click on the team name to see game by game picks.

Some thoughts.

  • The Steelers offense will be very good. So good that they will win their seventh championship.
  • The Vikings will finally end their playoff struggles and make it to the Super Bowl. Kirk Cousins was the piece that will get them over the top.
  • The 49ers new brass has rebuilt the team quite well. They are very solid on both sides of the ball.
  • Same with the Chargers front office. If Philip Rivers can hold on for one more year, they could have a special season. That defense is mega talented.
  • It was only one off season, but the game may have passed Jon Gruden by. They had a miserable off season and draft.
  • The Patriots will once again have the division won by early November. However, in this scenario, they had to play a Wild Card game and could not advance.
  • The Cowboys better get sixteen games out of Ezekiel Elliott and the running game, because the passing game looks to be very weak. They need skill position help bad.
  • The Bills better have enjoyed that playoff performance because it could be another decade plus. I would be immensely shocked if Josh Allen was the answer.
  • The Jaguars and Titans could take a small step back, and the Texans should be better. If Andrew Luck can bounce back, and if his shoulder is not shot, that could be a four horse race in the AFC North.
  • The Ravens had a great run, but bad salary cap management and even worse drafting has finally cought up to one of the NFL’s better franchises. This could be a very tough year.
  • The Legion of Boom is dead. It is hard to completely write off a team led by Russell Wilson, but it could be a tough year in Seattle.
  • The Rams are all in, but we have seen teams like this blow up before. I do not think the Rams will fall apart, but I could see them missing the playoffs.


# AFC North WLT Div
1 Steelers 13-3 5-1
9* Bengals 7-9 2-4
11 Browns 6-10 3-3
14 Ravens 5-11 2-4
# AFC South WLT Div
4 Texans 9-7 4-2
5 Jaguars 9-7 3-3
6 Titans 9-7 2-4
12 Colts 6-10 3-3
# AFC East WLT Div
3 Patriots 12-4 6-0
10 Jets 7-9 3-3
13 Dolphins 5-11 2-4
16 Bills 2-14 1-5
# AFC West WLT Div
2 Chargers 12-4 4-2
7 Broncos 8-8 3-3
8* Chiefs 7-9 4-2
15 Raiders 3-13 1-5


# NFC North WLT Div
1 Vikings 14-2 5-1
5 Packers 11-5 4-2
9 Lions 8-8 2-4
14 Bears 6-10 1-5
# NFC South WLT Div
3 Saints 11-5 5-1
7 Falcons 9-7 1-5
10 Panthers 8-8 2-4
12 Buccaneers 7-9 4-2
# NFC East WLT Div
4 Eagles 11-5 6-0
8* Giants 8-8 2-4
13 Cowboys 6-10 3-3
15 Redskins 6-10 1-5
# NFC West WLT Div
2 49ers 11-5 4-2
6 Rams 9-7 5-1
11 Seahawks 7-9 3-3
16 Cardinals 4-12 0-6


Generated By The NFL Playoff Predictor

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