The Future of Sports Gaming Rosters

Hello All,

Thank you to those who regularly visit the site. I know this website is not quite where I want it. Too much real life work and a very bad laptop limited what I could do. Fortunately, I am a (mostly) stay at home dad to a wonderful new baby girl, and just bought a very nice PC, so expect more updates.

What kind of updates? More related to Sports Gaming Rosters. Which makes sense, considering the title of the website. I have big plans for Madden NFL 19 and NBA 2K19, as well as getting a head start on MLB The Show 19 as well. I’ll still have my personal mock drafts and opinions, but will leave things like depth charts and transactions to the websites that do it better.

I am working on learning video editing software, so the YouTube channel will be worth checking out as well. Please like and subscribe!

I would welcome any help from the community as well. Do you have any rosters/CAP’s or classes you would like to share? Let me know and I can promote them on the site. Do you have any sports opinions? Let me share those as well!

I am also looking for website designers and artists who can make this page look a little better. I cannot pay but will display your contact information prominently.

Thank you for all of the clicks and views, and I look forward to providing gaming fans with better content going forward.

– Jonathan Carrano


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