2019 NFL Power Rankings – Week 1

Hopefully I can keep this going all year!

1. Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles might have the most stacked roster in the NFL, but being forced to rely on Nick Foles for an extended period of time could have consequences, despite his Super Bowl heroics.

2. New England Patriots. The skill positions look a lot different, but as long as Tom Brady is behind center this offense will hum. New England plays in the worst division in football and the schedule looks like a cake walk.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers. Despite the ongoing Le’Veon Bell drama, the offense is loaded with talent, and the defense is much improved. The Steelers remain a very good team despite constant turnover.

4. Minnesota Vikings. Quarterback was supposed to be the only thing holding the Vikings back from greatness. Now we will see if the franchise can finally get over the hump and represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

5. Los Angeles Rams. The Rams are definitely the off season winners, adding Ndomakung Suh, Brandin Cooks, Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib to an already very talented roster. Can they take that next step in becoming a real threat?

6. Green Bay Packers. As long as the Packers have Aaron Rodgers (now in the fold for several more years), they will be contenders. There are question marks at virtually every position, though.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars were oh so close to completing a miraculous turn around from long time doormat to Super Bowl participant. The roster is set up to succeed, but all eyes will be on the passing game, as defenses will constantly stack the box.

8. New Orleans Saints. The Saints have transitioned quite well from an aerial attack to a more balanced offensive approach. If the defense can continue to improve, this is a dark horse Super Bowl contender.

9. Los Angeles Chargers. I am a huge fan of the Chargers chances this year, even without Jason Verrett and Hunter Henry. Philip Rivers keeps humming along, and there is strong talent on both sides of the ball.

10. Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons window is dangerously close to shutting. If Atlanta can get 2016 Matt Ryan and not the 2017 version, there may be one more run in them.

11. Carolina Panthers. Last year the Panthers split the difference between the amazing 2015 team and the weak 2016 version. Carolina has a chance to be a high scoring offense, but the offensive line will have to keep the skill players upright.

12. Detroit Lions. Ho hum. Expect the Lions to remain effectively mediocre. Matthew Stafford will keep Detroit in games, and the running game has a chance to be pretty good.

13. San Francisco 49ers. Probably the most popular sleeper team in the NFL, I try not to go overboard with the 49ers potential. The quarterback situation is finally settled, but injuries at running back and weak skill position talent means this team will have to rely on an underrated defense to keep things close.

14. Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals try to make this offense more exciting. John Ross, Joe Mixon, new offensive lineman. With Andy Dalton behind center, you can write 7 to 9 wins and a first round playoff exit in stone.

15. Tennessee Titans. Something seems off about the Titans to me. I cannot tell if Marcus Mariota is a future star or simply another “okay” quarterback. For some reason the coaching staff refuses to take the chains off of Derrick Henry.

16. Houston Texans. It all depends on health with this team. If Deshaun Watson and JJ Watt can stay healthy, this is one of the better overall rosters in the league. Without those two superstars, well, we saw in 2017 what happened.

17. Chicago Bears. The running game and defense. That is what the Chicago Bears have typically been all about. The addition of Khalil Mack makes one of the most underrated units even scarier.

18. Denver Broncos. I have a hard time believing that Case Keenum is anything more than a career journey man. The Broncos have been terrible at drafting since their Super Bowl run, and are paying the price.

19. Kansas City Chiefs. Andy Reid teams always seem to overachieve, but this could be a tough one. He is breaking in a new quarterback and the defense is basically in shambles.

20. Seattle Seahawks. What goes up must come down. The Seahawks still do have Russell Wilson, but this once dominant roster has been gutted by age and free agent losses.

21. Washington Redskins. Let Kirk Cousins walk and sign career placeholder Alex Smith to a big deal? Sounds like a Redskins type of thing to me. Hello 7-9.

22. Dallas Cowboys. It is hard to tell what the front office is doing here. Hopefully the Cowboys can run the ball, and run it better than anyone else in the NFL, because the passing attack could be non existant.

23. Arizona Cardinals. It was a shame that Bruce Arians health could just not cooperate. He was one of the better coaches in the NFL in his short time on the sidelines. The Cardinals are dangerously close to a full out rebuild, but will try to give it one more chance with Sam Bradford, Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson.

24. New York Giants. The Giants chose to pass on a quarterback in hopes of making another quick turnaround and playoff appearance. The talent is there for that to happen in theory, but it is more likely that Eli Manning’s decline will continue, and the Giants will regret not drafting Sam Darnold.

25. New York Jets. I think the Jets could actually surprise this year. The running game should be solid and the defense has a chance to be quite good. If Sam Darnold can play within himself, the Jets could flirt with .500.

26. Baltimore Ravens. It has been a long successful run for the Ravens but that seems to have come to an end. Ozzie Newsome was not able to keep the magic going, and draft picks have failed to produce. With Joe Flacco continuing to decline, this could be a very long year in Baltimore.

27. Miami Dolphins. I am a Dolphins fan. I hate my team. Next.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jameis Winston is not good enough for the Buccaneers to continue to deal with his constant stupidity. The Bucs open up against the Saints, Eagles and Steelers. I expect the season to spiral out of control very quickly.

29. Cleveland Browns. There is definite talent here, especially on offense. The Browns could surprise, but it just so hard to shake that losing stigma. A .500 season would be a real success.

30. Oakland Raiders. Predictably, Jon Gruden has looked like the game has passed him by, making stupid decision after stupid decision. Sure seems like that great Raiders season of 2016 was decades ago.

31. Indianapolis Colts. If Andrew Luck can bounce back from his issues, the Colts could be a .500 team, even with the least talented roster in the NFL. If he is not the Andrew Luck of old? This team is in big trouble.

32. Buffalo Bills. Ugh. I hope Bills fans enjoyed their playoff appearance, because it might not happen for another eighteen years.

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