Sports Gaming Rosters Presents NBA 2K19 Full 150 Man 2019 Draft Class (PS4)

Hello all. Another year of NBA 2K is among us, and that means we need great draft classes. Not to sound like an elitist, but I have seen a bunch of incomplete, incorrect draft classes floating around. I hope you all waited for this one. It took a while, but I think you will appreciate the quality, attention to detail, and completeness of this class.

I helped work on the amazing Operation Sports Community classes from the 2018 version of the game. Unfortunately the rest of the team could not continue that project, but this one should be very similar.

I cannot say I worked on these classes alone. I used a lot of the players from SkillazKill’s College Roster 2K19 for templates. If he reads this, I really hope he does not mind. They are tremendous college rosters. You can find them on the main page of the roster downloads. As of this typing, it is the fourth most downloaded roster. Please, please, please check them out.

What makes my rosters different?

All 150 players are actual college/international players. If you look at the current landscape of the NBA, upwards of 100 rookies could start appearing in the league. With two way contracts, G-League and expanded rosters, it is very important to me that we have all real prospects. What is the point of a 150 man draft class if only 60-80 players are real? It seriously limits who you can draft.

The ratings do not go overboard. I will not post spoilers here, but other draft classes I checked out, there were 20+ players with ratings over 75. What? That’s not realistic at all. This class in particular, I believe is a very weak class, and the rankings will reflect that. If you’re picking in the late first round, there is a chance your player might not even finish out his rookie contract. That is the way weak draft classes go. The talent level is just not here this year.

There are still diamonds to find throughout the second round and even undrafted territory. After you draft, sign some two way players and keep an eye on the G-League. You’ll unearth a rotation player or two if you’re patient.

I only created a small handful of international prospects. The average draft has 3 to 7 foreign players who go on to play in the NBA. I think I created maybe 8 or so? And all of those players are rated as draftable. We are also seeing guys come over as soon as they are drafted, so only a few are draft and stash. When an international prospect is not drafted, he goes back overseas, usually to never be seen in the NBA. I did not want foreign guys littering the G-League, because that just does not happen.

Gear. I matched the shoe type with what they wore in college. Gear was matched to the best of my ability by looking at several photos for each player.

Looks wise. I’m not the best at faces, but the create a player is much better this year, so I think the guys all show a pretty strong resemblance. I paid as much attention to the 150th ranked player as I did the first ranked.

That’s enough typing. Below you can see YouTube videos and tables of all of the prospects included, both spoiler free and with OVR ratings. If you want a challenge, do not look at the versions with overall ratings. What is the fun in that?

There was well over 100 hours worth of work put into this class, but I believe it was well worth it and is the best class you will find out there. I hope you all enjoy.

Spoiler Edition

Spoiler Free Edition

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