Anthony Davis Trade Scenarios

After years of poor New Orleans Pelicans management, Anthony Davis’ camp has finally requested a trade. So, like the internet always does, off to the ESPN Trade Machine!

I have proposed a trade from every current playoff team (plus the Lakers because of course) and ranked them. My only rule was the team acquiring Davis could not trade it’s best player.

I did not include draft picks, so just assume every team is going to throw in a draft pick or two.

1. slhg02hbef3j1ov4lsnwyol5o

Celtics trade: G Marcus Smart, F Jayson Tatum, F Marcus Morris, G Terry Rozier
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis

Throw in the plethora of first round picks Boston owns, and this would be the absolute best Pelicans fans could hope for. Celtics fans love Jayson Tatum, but he should not be untouchable in a potential deal for The Brow. Danny Ainge will probably insist that New Orleans takes the Gordon Hayward contract in return, but Boston has enough to get the deal done as is. Boston’s core would be extremely expensive, but Davis and Kyrie Irving should be able to make the Celtics a contender out East.

2. 23654622016

Clippers trade: F Tobias Harris, C Marcin Gortat, G Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, G Jerome Robinson
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis, G Elfrid Payton, F Darius Miller

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has been quite the find for the Clippers, and that could entice New Orleans to make a big trade with this team again, especially if they can resign Tobias Harris. As for the Clippers, with Anthony Davis in the fold for 2019-2020, their odds of signing Kawhi Leonard has gone way up. I could easily see something like this happening.

3. uig7aiht8jnpl1szbi57zzlsh

Lakers trade: G Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, G Rajon Rondo, F Brandon Ingram, F Kyle Kuzma
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis

The Lakers have to be considered the favorites right now. Their young players are a bit overrated by Lakers fans, but this is the prototypical trade for a disgruntled superstar. The Pelicans would get expiring contracts and two good young talents to build around. The Lakers, of course, would still have cap room to sign one more max free agent.

4. hsuff5m3dgiv20kovde422r1f

Nets trade: G Allen Crabbe, F DeMarre Carroll, F Jared Dudley, C Jarrett Allen, G Dzanan Musa, F Rodions Kurucs
Pelicans trade: G Jrue Holiday, FC Anthony Davis

Brooklyn is finally winning, and of course just in time for the team to own it’s own draft picks again. The Pelicans would be able to completely clear their books, and get a few decent young pieces to build around. I am not sure how Anthony Davis would love playing with a Jrue Holiday/D’Angelo Russell back court, but they would be a threat out East.

5. 23467492017

Jazz trade: C Rudy Gobert
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis

We will keep this one simple. Rudy Gobert for Anthony Davis straight up. The Pelicans get a player who is probably a better defender at this point, and is more durable. It would be a nice return, though they would be a worse team as a result. No superstar will ever consider Utah, and the Jazz have never made a trade like this, so there is no way it would happen.

6. khmovcnezy06c3nm05ccn0oj2

Thunder trade: C Steven Adams, G Dennis Schroder, F Jerami Grant, G Terrance Ferguson
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis, G Jrue Holiday

This trade actually looks like it would be decent for both teams. The Pelicans get a stud center to build around. Dennis Schroder is not as good as Jrue Holiday, but they save ten million per year on the books. The Thunder will pay over $100 million to four players, but a quartet of Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, Paul George and Jrue Holiday would be scary.

7. 22448122018

Pacers trade: G Victor Oladipo, F Domantas Sabonis, G Aaron Holiday
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis

Why not make the same exact trade as the Paul George deal? Victor Oladipo suffered a serious injury but has shown All Star potential. Domantas Sabonis is in the midst of a breakout season. On top of that, the Pelicans can throw Jrue Holiday a bone by trading for his brother. Indiana is already a contender out East, and adding Anthony Davis could put them over the top.

8. 22745782016

Raptors trade: C Jonas Valanciunas, G Fred VanVleet, F OG Anunoby, F Pascal Siakam
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis, G E’Twaun Moore

The Pelicans would not get any stars back, but this would be pretty good value returning to New Orleans. OG Anunoby’s star has faded a bit but he still has good potential, and Pascal Siakam might be a year or two away from being a stud. As far as Toronto, they would be going all in with Davis, Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry. If it does not work, it would be an easy reset towards a rebuild.

9. 22989262019

Nuggets trade: FC Paul Millsap, G Gary Harris, F Michael Porter Jr., F Juan Hernangomez, G Michael Beasley
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis, F Solomon Hill, G E’Twaun Moore

The Nuggets would lose an awful lot of depth, but a starting five of Nikola Jokic, Anthony Davis, Torrey Craig, Will Barton and Jamal Murray would be the envy of the league. If Davis really prioritizes winning over all, this could be one of his best situations. The Pelicans get a nice building block in Gary Harris, plus quite a few young, productive players. Juan Hernangomez and Michael Beasley have been impressive this year, and Michael Porter still possesses quite a bit of talent. Paul Millsap’s 30 million expiring contract would be nice as well. The Pelicans would only have one big contract on the books (Jrue Holiday).

10. bahmh46cyy6eod2jez4g21buk

Trail Blazers trade: C Jusuf Nurkic, F Mo Harkless, FC Zach Collins, G Anfernee Simons
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis, F Darius Miller

I originally had CJ McCollum going back to New Orleans, but a high volume shooting non defensive guard makes little sense for a rebuilding team, especially at his price tag. Jusuf Nurkic is the only other player of any real value, but that is not enough value for Anthony Davis. Davis in Portland would be a tremendous fit, but they just do not have enough to offer.

11. 22582752016

Bucks trade: GF Khris Middleton, GF Tony Snell, FC Jason Smith, FC Thon Maker, G Donte DiVincenzo
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis, G E’Twaun Moore

Milwaukee does not have much in the way of young assets. Eric Bledsoe is an expiring deal, but the Bucks would like to keep him around for this year, at least. Recent first round picks like Thon Maker and DJ Wilson are not all that inticing. Khris Middleton is a good player on a reasonable deal, but will not move the needle much for the Pelicans.

12. 827

Spurs trade: FC Pau Gasol, G Patty Mills, F Rudy Gay, F Davis Bertans, G Marco Belinelli
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis, G Jrue Holiday

The Pelicans would only consider this if they were interested in clearing the books and nothing more. The Spurs simply do not offer anything in the way of young talent.

13. 8xe4813lzybfhfl14axgzzqeq

Rockets trade: C Clint Capela, G Brandon Knight, FC Isaiah Hartenstein
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis

You can bet Daryl Morey has already phoned New Orleans. Houston is involved in every rumor and scenario. Unfortunately, they just do not have that much to offer. Clint Capela is a nice player, but he would not be nearly as effective without Chris Paul and James Harden. In Houston, they would be paying $100 million to three players, and would have absolutely nothing around them. With how brittle Paul and Anthony Davis are, that recipe would be guaranteed to backfire.

14. qhhir6fj8zp30f33s7sfb4yw0

Warriors trade: FC Draymond Green, G Shaun Livingston, FC Jordan Bell
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis

The Warriors are not trading Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson. That leaves Draymond Green. Green would not be an ideal centerpiece for a rebuilding team, and the NBA would nix this trade offer the second it was made, ala Chris Paul. But teams love giving superstars to already stacked teams, so 98% chance this happens.

15. 21870342016

76ers trade: GF Jimmy Butler, F Wilson Chandler, G Markelle Fultz, FC Mike Muscala, G Zhaire Smith, G Landry Shamet
Pelicans trade: G Jrue Holiday, FC Anthony Davis

The 76ers have already badly botched The Process, so why not finish it off? Unless the Pelicans desperately want to clear out every bad contract on the books, there is no way a trade match will be found here. Moving on.

16. burm5gh2wvjti3xhei5h16k8e

Heat trade: C Hassan Whiteside, G Josh Richardson, F Justise Winslow, C Bam Adebayo
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis, F Nikola Mirotic, G Elfrid Payton

No team in the NBA has a collection of bad contracts like the Heat. They would have to include Hassan Whiteside (who nobody wants) and basically every good, young player on the roster. That would leave Anthony Davis with little in the way of help.

17. 512019262015

Hornets trade: F Marvin Williams, G Jeremy Lamb, G Malik Monk, F Miles Bridges, C Wily Hernangomez
Pelicans trade: FC Anthony Davis

Scratch that. No team in the NBA has a collection of bad contracts like the Hornets. Charlotte would have to trade all of their cheap, young players because no team is touching the contracts of Bismack Biyombo or Nicolas Batum.

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