The Sad State of MLB 19: The Show

I want to preface this by saying I did not buy the game this year. All of my opinions are based on feedback, reactions and news articles about the game.

I am sad to say I did not purchase this game. I switched back to Sony in 2012 because of this game, and have been very happy with it, up until last year. To find out that there are virtually zero changes to the franchise for the third year in a row was a kick in the gut. Instead, we get a dumbed down mode to bring in more “casual gamers”. As if the money hungry card mode and Road to the Show is not enough.

Listen, I understand that card modes are now a staple of sports games. It is a way for the developers to rake in money all year long. People (not me) seem to enjoy them. But to spend time on a brand new mode (April to October), which is an extremely limited one year franchise mode, and not even give the actual franchise mode custom draft classes or rotating interleague schedules is sad. Even Madden and EA, who are always the last to the party, offer these options.

Look at the NBA 2K series. They have several other modes, but still dedicate the time to make the Association mode the best it can be. The fact that the MLB developers throw sports gaming oldest mode on the back burner is extremely disheartening. Here is to hoping they listen to all of the fan feedback and give hardcore fans a bit of a break next year. If not, they may lose us for good. Especially with an amazing text alternative like OOTP available.

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