Madden NFL 20 Draft Classes – 2021 Draft – Fullbacks

Updated: 9/14/2019

These are the fullbacks featured in my Madden NFL 20: 2021 Draft Class. If you want to see OVR ratings and Archetypes, click the link to the right of this post.

Note to gamers: This list is not based off OVR rankings. It’s based on my scouting, research and preferences. But to keep the game fresh and a bit unpredictable, ratings vary. Scouting matters!

Rank Name Position Class School Height/Weight
1 Bryant, Hunter FB Sr Washington 6’2, 224 lbs
2 Mason, Ben FB Sr Michigan 6’3, 254 lbs
3 Thimons, Logan FB rSr West Virginia 6’0, 231 lbs
4 Andersen, Troy FB Sr Montana State 6’2, 215 lbs
5 Stokke, Mason FB rSr Wisconsin 6’2, 222 lbs


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