Madden NFL 20 Full 450 Man 2021 Draft Class – PS4

PSN ID: BigGargamel
File Name: SGRFULL450MAN2021

Note: To fix the “all players with early first round talent” bug, import the file then edit a player. It is best to just edit the jersey number of a player. Save and exit, then the bug will be fixed.

The second of four full draft classes are complete. I fully believe these are the best classes you will find for the PlayStation 4. Below you can see what separates the best from the rest.

  • Every player is completely real. All faces and body types were edited. Heights and weights match with Ages accurate to the best of my ability. Equipment authentic based on google image searches.
  • Every player additionally rated. I tried to have a nice variation of archetypes. There are no players rated over 80. The ratings fall in line with the new rating system quite nicely.
  • There are two X-Factor Superstars. A couple of Superstars. Some stars. I did not go overboard.
  • Scouting matters! You will find busts and gems. The ratings fluctuate, but not too wildly. You will not find a 76 OVR UDFA or a 60 OVR first rounder. But you can find a better player ranked #150 than #50 if you scout!
  • Full database of players available on You can find OVR ratings, players by school, players by position and more.
  • Coincides with Sports Gaming Rosters Full 450 Man 2020 Draft Class.

Huge thanks to the following Operation Sports forum members who helped out on the class.


I will never charge for any of my work, but there is a PayPal donate button on my website. Any donations are well received!

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