Sports Gaming Rosters NBA 2K20 Content.


My usual standard is to rent sports games from Gamefly, then buy them after a month or two. I tried to get into NBA 2K20. The MyLeague is still great. But the sleaziness and complete greed on 2K’s part in regards to this game has just turned me completely off. So, unfortunately, I will not be buying this game this year, and thus, no draft classes or rosters this year.

I really do not like missing out this year, I just could not shake the rotten feeling I had every time I popped in this micro-transaction filled greed machine. Unfortunately, it looks like things will not get better, but maybe I will feel a bit better about NBA 2K21. In the mean time, the site will still have my usual NBA Draft content, with rankings and whatnot.

If you want some great NBA 2K20 content, I recommend the forums over at as you will find a lot of good stuff there.

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