2020 NFL Draft Madden NFL 20 NFL NFL Draft

Madden NFL 20 2020 NFL Draft Class – Centers (Mid-Season Update)

Updated: 11/2/19

Hello all. I hope you enjoyed my two earlier Madden NFL Draft Classes. I had run into some real life issues and I was not able to work on the final two. Well, things are back to normal so I thought I would update the first two classes before I worked on the last two. Thank you for the patience and understanding that Sports Gaming Rosters is a one man operation.

Rank Name Position Class School Height/Weight
1 Biadasz, Tyler C rJr Wisconsin 6’3, 318 lbs
2 Cushenberry III, Lloyd C rJr LSU 6’4, 309 lbs
3 Williams, Darryl C rSr Mississippi State 6’2, 310 lbs
4 Hanson, Jake C rSr Oregon 6’5, 297 lbs
5 Ruiz, Cesar C Jr Michigan 6’4, 319 lbs
6 Cabral, Cohl C Sr Arizona State 6’5, 291 lbs
7 Harris, Nick C Sr Washington 6’1, 300 lbs
8 Pollard, Sean C Sr Clemson 6’5, 320 lbs
9 Mauigoa, Frederick C Sr Washington State 6’3, 315 lbs
10 Holtorf, Adam C rSr Kansas State 6’4, 302 lbs
11 Shackelford, Zach C Sr Texas 6’4, 305 lbs
12 Kim, Kaleb C rSr Auburn 6’4, 300 lbs
13 Tecklenburg, Sam C rSr Baylor 6’4, 306 lbs
14 Johnson, Jordan C Sr UCF 6’2, 320 lbs
15 Tagaloa, Boss C Sr UCLA 6’1, 318 lbs


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