Madden NFL 20 Draft Classes Update

First of all, happy new year! I hope the new year (and decade) is quite kind to you all. Thank you for being such a great community.

Now, I was originally going to release an updated 2020 Draft Class in December. However, with all of the early declarations, I feared I was just going to do edit after edit. So the new plan is to release both a 2020 class and a 2021 class at the end of January.

The 2020 class will be completely accurate with all of the players who declared (unless it’s some random bum from Southeast United States A&M Tech). Also, every combine invitee will be in the class, with accurate listed heights and weights.

If you would like to help make these the best classes available, please reach out to me (Twitter or email is the best way to go). I will absolutely welcome any and all help.

Thanks for the patience. It will be worth the wait!

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