Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant

Today started like any other day. Woke up, fed my 18 month old daughter breakfast, and started getting ready to go to the beach. Had my phone on me but I didn’t look at it. After I loaded her up in the car I got a ping saying Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash. “Pssh, yeah right,” I scoffed. This is Kobe Bryant. He’s indestructible. Has to be another internet hoax. Then, unfortunately, I saw the source. TMZ. Love or hate TMZ, they’re usually right on the money.

I drove home feeling awful. This death hit me pretty hard. I’m 39 years old and a huge life long sports fan. I’m old enough to remember Bryant donning the Charlotte Hornets hat for a brief second before he started his Lakers journey. I’m a Nuggets fan. My team never mattered enough to form any lasting rivalries with Bryant. One year they met in the Western Conference Finals for a few uneventful games, but that was it. But, I saw him go up against Michael Jordan, Tracy McGrady, Rip Hamilton, Allen Iverson. Love him or hate him (non-Laker fans hated him), he was a pro’s pro.

I really started to gain more respect for him once his playing days wrapped up. He was a joy to watch talk about basketball, family and life. He owned up to his past transgressions, and strove to be the best father he could be to a boatload of daughters. As a new father myself, I took more than a few lessons from his demonstrations.

To find out that his oldest daughter, who he was taking to a basketball camp, something I am sure brought him tremendous joy, was on the aircraft with him; it broke my heart. After reading that I had to grab my daughter and hold her tight. She squealed and wiggled; she just wanted to play with her little basketball. It struck me in a way I never thought I could feel before the date of July 11, 2018. Bryant was there when Gianna took her first breath, and he was there when she took her last.

There’s nothing more I want to say. This one hurts. We are all sports fans, and I know this one hurts all of us. I wanted to do a tiny little something, so I updated the layout of my site to honor #24. It’s all I could do.

I’m an Atheist, but I am sure whatever is next for Kobe Bryant, he will put his all into it and slay the hell out of it. Rest in Peace Black Mamba.

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