MLB The Show 20 CAP – SS Austin Martin, Vanderbilt

Austin Martin | SS | Vanderbilt


Height/Weight: 6’0, 185 lbs
Age: 21
Preferred Number: 16
Primary Position: SS
Secondary Position: 2B/3B
Throws/Bats: R/R
Region: East
Birth Place: Pennsylvania


Batting Tendency: Whole Field
Potential: 94
Contact v R: 59
Conact v L: 67
Power v R: 53
Power v L: 57
Bunting Ability: 35
Drag Bunting: 2
Plate Vision: 61
Plate Discipline: 48
Batting Clutch: 59
Durability: 86
Speed: 48
Arm Strength: 45
Arm Accuracy: 53
Reaction: 47
Fielding Ability: 49
Stealing: 34
BR Aggressiveness: 23

CAP YouTube Tutorial

Reference Photos




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