Madden NFL 21 Draft Class Prospects – Penn State Nittany Lions

Updated: 8/4/2020

Here we go again! Perhaps this will be the year I give the community four complete draft classes?

If you are a fan of any particular college, and there are players on this list you would like to see, please feel free to leave a message or contact me. I would be happy to replace a player, considering he is an actual draft prospect.

2021 Class
Position Name Class H/W Madden OVR
HB Journey Brown Redshirt Junior 5’11, 206 lbs
TE Pat Freiermuth Junior 6’5, 256 lbs
RT Will Fries Redshirt Senior 6’6, 313 lbs
C Michel Menet Redshirt Senior 6’4, 313 lbs
LOLB Shaka Toney Redshirt Senior 6’3, 243 lbs
ROLB Micah Parsons Junior 6’3, 250 lbs
CB Tariq Castro-Fields Senior 6’0, 197 lbs
FS Lamont Wade Senior 5’9, 199 lbs
2022 Class
Position Name Class H/W Madden OVR
QB Sean Clifford Redshirt Senior 6’2, 216 lbs
HB Noah Cain Junior 5’10, 216 lbs
WR Jahan Dotson Senior 5’11, 180 lbs
LT Rasheed Walker Redshirt Junior 6’6, 324 lbs
LG Mike Miranda Redshirt Senior 6’3, 300 lbs
LE Jayson Oweh Redshirt Junior 6’5, 260 lbs
DT PJ Mustipher Senior 6’4, 316 lbs
LOLB Brandon Smith Junior 6’3, 240 lbs
ROLB Jesse Luketa Senior 6’3, 247 lbs
MLB Ellis Brooks Redshirt Senior 6’1, 239 lbs
CB Marquis Wilson Junior 5’11, 183 lbs
SS Jonathan Sutherland Redshirt Senior 5’11, 206 lbs
2023 Class
Position Name Class H/W Madden OVR
HB Devyn Ford Senior 5’11, 204 lbs
WR John Dunmore Redshirt Junior 6’1, 189 lbs
TE Zack Kuntz Redshirt Senior 6’7, 253 lbs
LE Adisa Isaac Senior 6’4, 251 lbs
LOLB Curtis Jacobs Junior 6’2, 240 lbs
CB Keaton Ellis Senior 5’11, 195 lbs
2024 Class
Position Name Class H/W Madden OVR
HB Keyvone Lee Senior 6’0, 220 lbs
WR TJ Jones Redshirt Senior 6’1, 201 lbs
WR Parker Washington Senior 5’10, 201 lbs
TE Theo Johnson Redshirt Junior 6’6, 257 lbs
LT Landon Tengwall Junior 6’6, 320 lbs
RT Caedan Wallace Redshirt Senior 6’5, 333 lbs
C Juice Scruggs Redshirt Senior 6’3, 300 lbs
RE Zuriah Fisher Senior 6’3, 270 lbs
DT Coziah Izzard Senior 6’3, 306 lbs
LOLB Lance Dixon Redshirt Senior 6’2, 228 lbs
CB Joey Porter Jr. Redshirt Senior 6’2, 190 lbs
FS Enzo Jennings Senior 6’2, 210 lbs

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