Discussion: Who Did You Draft in Madden?

I hope the community is enjoying my first two classes. I know I am. Though knowing all ratings makes things a bit easier for me, since scouting is basically pointless.

Still, who did you draft. Anyone making a major impact yet?

I am running with the Dolphins. Had a 6-10 season in 2020. Thanks to the Texans picks owed to me, I was able to draft five guys in the first two rounds who are now starting for me in 2022.
WR Jaylen Waddle, Alabama
LG Troy Smith, Tennesse
FS Kolby Harvell-Peel, Oklahoma State
ROLB DeAngelo Malone, Western Kentucky
LOLB Baron Browning, Ohio State

I am in my 2022 season now, and traded out of the first round of that draft, so no rookies are starting for me. I went offense heavy early with
WR Trey Knox, Arkansas
HB Max Borghi, Washington State
WR Justyn Ross, Clemson

I signed AJ Green to a one year deal so with him, Waddle and DeVante Parker, along with David Njoku and 2021 free agent Alvin Kamara soaking up passes, Knox has only caught a couple passes and Ross hasn’t played. I drafted them with 2023 in mind when Parker is 30 years old and a starting spot has opened up on the other side. In addition, Borghi is a pass catching plus, so I could move on from Kamara, who has been a bit disappointing for me.

I drafted backups on defense, though I do think DE Boye Mafi could become something special. He’s already a 70 OVR.

What about you guys?

2 thoughts on “Discussion: Who Did You Draft in Madden?

  1. I drafted Micah Parsons with the Giants and moved him to MLB. He went onto to win DPOY and DROY. Really transformed the defense.


  2. I made a few solid picks in the 2021 draft of my Steelers franchise, snagging Justin Fields (Ben retired after the 2020 season), Nick Bolton, and Tyson Campbell in rounds 1, 2, and 4, respectively, and each have been huge parts of my team at their respective positions.


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