Sports Gaming Rosters Presents NBA 2K21 Full 150 Man 2021 Draft Class (PS5) – Out Now!

File is uploaded!

PSN ID: BigGargamel

Point Guards | Shooting Guards | Small Forwards | Power Forwards | Centers

This set includes following

-ALL PLAYERS REAL! I cannot stress this enough. As far as I know this will be the only class on the share with zero fake players.

-Why is this important? Look at the 2019 NBA Draft. 54 of the 60 players drafted (two first round guys were injured all year) played in at least one NBA game. Not only that, but a staggering 39 undrafted rookies played in the NBA last year. That’s 93 players! I do not know how the two way/G-League call-ups work in franchise (haven’t played in a couple years), but you definitely want options.

-Accurate faces, weights, heights, equipment. For EVERY PLAYER. Even the 61 OVR center who will never see an NBA game. I used the headshots from their’s player pages.

-No outrageous player ratings/badges. There are a bunch of guys in the 66-69 range. Gives you plenty of second round options as well as UDFA’s like I posted above.

-Players picked by myself. I do not consider myself an expert by any means, but big outlets do not really work on their boards that often during the season. The season is underway, with a small sample size, but that size gives me enough to go off of as it pertains to guys who may look to declare.

-A limit of ten foreign prospects. I have several young guys who have stash years remaining, and a few who are automatically eligible. Any more than that and you have a bunch of young Euro’s hanging around the free agent pool, and that just does not happen in real life.

-I borrowed quite a few guys from SkillazKill – College Roster 2K21 and did some rating edits to fit the NBA. Please check out his roster in the share. It is very easy to find.

-I didn’t really touch any animations. That is just too much work. I would never get the classes out. If you guys have any recommendations, please let me know and I’ll change it.

Spoiler Free list of all players


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