2021 NBA Mock Draft With Analysis – 1/30/21

Decided to roll with a simulated lottery for my extended mock draft, because why not?

As always, thanks to http://www.tankathon.com for their awesome lottery simulation tools.

Pick # Team Player Name Analysis
1 2nn48xofg0hms8k326cqdmuis suggs PG Jalen Suggs, Fr, Gonzaga

Well, this would make the Kristaps Porzingis trade worth it for the Knicks, would it not? Jalen Suggs has been the most consistent prospect in this draft for the best team in the nation, and would be an absolute perfect fit for the Knicks. He is a true point guard who scores quite efficiently and takes very good care of the ball. A potential superstar.

2 22321642018 cunningham PG Cade Cunningham, Fr, Oklahoma State

Cade Cunningham has not quite set the NCAA world on fire, but he still has the look of a future NBA All Star. Similar to guys like Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz, he is trying to do everything for a team that is not that great. At 6’8, 220, Cunningham has legit point guard skills, and is a better shooter than a lot of guys coming out of college. A potential cornerstone for a new look Pistons team.

3 23296692018 mobley C Evan Mobley, Fr, USC

It has been another lost year in Minnesota, but if they finish in the top three of the lottery, at least they get to keep their first round pick, so there’s that. The Timberwolves went for need with the Anthony Edwards pick, but might have to go best player available here. Evan Mobley is probably a center only due to his lack of range on his jump shot, but he is an athletic double double machine who can block shots as well. Yes, Karl-Anthony Towns is still around, but the Wolves simply need talent.

4 22745782016 green SG Jalen Green, USA/G-League

I am very excited that the G-League season is starting up soon, because I want to see video of Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga. Both players have the talent to push for the top overall pick, but really could have used some college exposure, especially with the condensed G-League schedule. Oh well. Green theoretically has the best hops and offensive game in this class and hopefully he can put his talents on full display. The Raptors hope to be back in the championship hunt next season, but really need a guy who can create his own offense like Green.

5 21956712016 jonathan-kuminga-hd SF Jonathan Kuminga, USA/G-League

The Wizards seem to never make the right moves, and trading John Wall for Russell Westbrook was the latest in a long line of questionable decisions. Washington is going nowhere, but a top five pick in a five player draft could help. Jonathan Kuminga has drawn comparisons to lanky wing players like Jonathan Isaac and Paul George, and I am anticipating watching him play in the coming weeks.

6 khmovcnezy06c3nm05ccn0oj2 jalenjohnson SF Jalen Johnson, Fr, Duke

Wow, what has happened to the Heat? The Thunder reap the rewards with a top six pick. Right now, this draft looks like a five prospect class, with every player from here on having major question marks. Jalen Johnson is not a great athlete or three point shooter, but he is a good point forward type, and is one of the only bright spots on the Duke roster. The Thunder are squarely in talent collecting mode at this point.

7 wd9ic7qafgfb0yxs7tem7n5g4-1 moody SG Moses Moody, Fr, Arkansas

Orlando has been in basketball purgatory since trading Dwight Howard a decade ago. They have had high picks but have not drafted any true difference makers, and have languished in the mid to late lottery with little to show for it. Moses Moody has been one of the most consistent freshmen in the nation and could be a future 20 point per game scorer in the NBA.

8 hj3gmh82w9hffmeh3fjm5h874 ziairewilliams SF Ziaire Williams, Fr, Stanford

The Bulls are another team that is forever rebuilding, although it looks like the recent picks of Coby White and Patrick Williams are going to be huge parts of the team going forward. Ziaire Williams struggled mightily earlier this year, but has started to figure his game out, and could be a triple double machine once he works on his jump shot and gains some strength.

9 496226812014 jaredbutler PG Jared Butler, Jr, Baylor

Yeah, Jared Butler may not have the upside of some of the available freshmen, but who would you take over him, especially if you have playoff aspirations like the Pelicans? Butler reminds me of a Weber State-era Damian Lillard. A supreme scorer and floor leader who is winning big at the college level. He is ready to contribute right away.

10 512019262015 barnes PF Scottie Barnes, Fr, Florida State

Scottie Barnes is a very unique prospect. A point forward who struggles with his shooting percentages, but can handle the ball, pass and rebound. The Hornets need front court talent, and he would be a nice compliment to PJ Washington.

11 khmovcnezy06c3nm05ccn0oj2 bouknight SG James Bouknight, So, Connecticut

James Bouknight is simply a scorer. He already has a 40 point game on his resume. Unfortunately, the Huskies schedule has come to a screeching halt, but he has shown enough as a pure shooter and bucket getter to be a mid to late lottery pick. Another intriguing wing player for the Thunder.

12 24040432017 dickinson C Hunter Dickinson, Fr, Michigan

The Kings hit a home run with the Tyrese Halibutron selection, and can now focus on improving the front court. Even though he is coming off of three straight single digit scoring performances, Hunter Dickinson has been the engine that has driven the 1 loss Michigan machine. A traditional back to the basket big man, he does not shoot threes, but rebounds, plays solid defense and is an adept scorer. He is athletic enough to hang with the pace of today’s game. I like him a lot as a late lottery selection.

13 23068302020 boston SG BJ Boston, Fr, Kentucky

The Rockets have gone from a team handicapped by one ball dominant superstar to a team full of hungry veterans with something to prove. Houston also has a lot of draft options. Here they go with BJ Boston. He has struggled for an absolutely abysmal Kentucky team, but is the most talented player on the roster and, with some structure, could be an exciting wing scorer in the NBA.

14 23531522020 duke SG David Duke, Jr, Providence

David Duke was one of the highest ranked recruits to ever commit to Providence, and has put it all together as a junior. A fantastic combo guard in the Jordan Clarkson mode, he would be a great backup in Golden State with the chance to take over for Andrew Wiggins or Kelly Oubre as a starter alongside the Splash Brothers.

15 2nn48xofg0hms8k326cqdmuis gregbrown SF Greg Brown, Fr, Texas

This would be an absolute best case scanario for Knicks fans. Having the top overall pick all the while gaining some playoff experience. After adding their point guard of the future, New York should go best player available here. Greg Brown is not a shooter, but is a hyper athletic combo forward who can finish alley-oops and block shots. With Brown, Obi Toppin and Mitchell Robinson, few teams will be able to match up athetlic wise.

16 22269212018 christopher SG Josh Christopher, Fr, Arizona State

The Cavaliers are playing their best basketball since LeBron James took his talents to Hollywood. That is not saying much, but still. This team has some very good young talent to build around. I still wonder how the back court will work long term. Josh Christopher is not a great shooter but can get to the rim and, more importantly, has strong defensive potential, something the Cavaliers need.

17 22091682016-1 dosunmu SG Ayo Dosunmu, Jr, Illinois

Ayo Dosunmu has been all over my mocks for a couple years now. Sometimes I think he is a top ten pick, others a late second rounder. He has really cleaned up his game as a junior, and looks like a very solid mid to late first round pick at this point. His percentages are great for such a heavy usage player, and would be a great first guard off the bench for a suddenly deep Hawks team.

18 23068302020 kispert SF Corey Kispert, Sr, Gonzaga

If you can shoot, you will stick around for a decade or so. Corey Kispert may be a Kyle Korver-like hired gun during his upcoming NBA career, but those guys are always valuable.

19 23843702014 mann PG Tre Mann, So, Florida

This is a good spot for the Suns to invest in a potential long term replacement for Chris Paul. Tre Mann is an under-the-radar prospect with good size and point guard ability. He is not an uber athlete, but takes care of the ball and shoots it well.

20 23143732019 lewis SG Scottie Lewis, So, Florida

Tony Allen was the glue guy for those very good early 2010 decade Grizzlies teams, and Scottie Lewis has a similar profile. He is one of the better defenders in college basketball, and can shoot the ball well enough to keep defenses honest.

21 22448122018 kaijones C Kai Jones, So, Texas

Kai Jones numbers do not jump off the screen, but he has been fantastic for the Longorns this year. Similar to Jaxson Hayes, he has provided energy, shot blocking and some decent scoring. Considering how Texas big men rise leading up to the draft, this spot could end up on the conservative side.

22 22989262019 usmangaruba_0 PF Usman Garuba, Spain

Denver is never scared to take a chance in the draft. Usman Garuba is still extremely raw offensively, but is active on the boards and has great defensive potential. The Nuggets are fantastic at developing young prospects, and this pick could pay dividends in a year or two.

23 23325472018 prkacin_roko_cib20 PF Roko Prkacin, Croatia

As of right now at least, the Spurs are back in the 20’s, where they are most comfortable. So why not take another European prospect? Roko Prkacin has a typical 2020 power forwards game and should fit right in with the San Antonio culture.



bassey C Charles Bassey, Jr, Western Kentucky

I feel like Charles Bassey is so underrated in draft circles. He has produced since a freshman, offering rebounding, blocking shots and even scoring out to the three point line on occasion. The Celtics are always looking for cheap, productive bigs and Bassey could be their best bet yet.

25 22582752016 cooper PG Sharife Cooper, Fr, Auburn

Although terribly inefficient, Sharife Cooper has been dynamic so far in his college career. He could be that instant offense guard off the bench for a playoff team. The Bucks have limited draft picks and cap space to add talent, so a gamble like this would be worthwhile.

26 hsuff5m3dgiv20kovde422r1f sengun C Alperen Sengun, Turkey

Alperen Sengun is a fast rising 18 year old who is putting up consistent double doubles in one of the better leagues in Europe. He is more of a back to the basket banger, but someone who could develop into a decent mid range starter. The Nets are going for it now, and gave up a lot of future picks, so a draft and stash prospect could make sense here.

27 uig7aiht8jnpl1szbi57zzlsh shannon SF Terrence Shannon Jr., So, Texas Tech

Terrence Shannon Jr. is not flashy or exciting, but he can shoot the ball and play solid defense. Wing players like him are always in demand as roster fillers for playoff teams.

28 21870342016 jayhuff C Jay Huff, Sr, Virginia

The best player in college basketball that no one talks about, Jay Huff plays his role to perfection. He will give the 76ers bench two things that every team loves; shooting and shot blocking. A perfect 2021 role player.

29 23654622016 queta C Neemias Queta, Jr, Utah State The Clippers never get anything out of their draft picks, so I apologize in advance to Neemias Queta. Queta has slowly developed into one of the better big men in college basketball. Strong, agile and a solid defender, he should have no problem carving out a role on his second team once the Clippers give up on him.
30 23467492017 nix PG Daishen Nix, USA/G-League

Daishen Nix has a lot to prove in the G-League but could be a sneaky pickup at the end of the first round for a deep team like the Jazz. He is not explosive at all, and needs to slim down, but he could be an Andre Miller-type that hangs around bothering defenses for a decade plus.


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