MLB The Show 21 Opening Day Rosters v 1.0 Out Now! (PS5)

Ohh boy, these rosters are a mess. Thankfully your boy is already working hard to bring you the best rosters available.

I whipped up a quick version for whoever might want to jump into things right away. At the worst, these will be good for your Road to the Show.

All faked players have been named. I have not touched ratings or anything else yet. Ages, skin tone, looks have not been updated yet. But you will be able to see everyone who will be in the completed rosters.

Next, I will go back and fully update each team. This will include opening day 26 man rosters, complete 40 man rosters, and all players will be real. I went off of and their prospect ratings. Tried to include as many as I could for each team. I am also going to edit quite a few existing prospect ratings, because they are just abysmal. It seems like they have not been touched in years. Aramis Ademan is no longer a legit prospect, and hasn’t been for years, for example.

I will upload the roster and make a post each time I fully complete a team. I am hoping to do two to three teams a day, which would mean a complete roster by May 1. I will have to create over 400 prospects, and this is a one man show, so be patient! If you want some half assed rosters, I am sure there will be those out there. Good ones takes time.

PSN ID: BigGargamel


2 thoughts on “MLB The Show 21 Opening Day Rosters v 1.0 Out Now! (PS5)

  1. Sounds great! Any way to upload the file here so we can download and add to PS5 by USB?
    Because as you know MLB the show 21 vault not working.


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