Join Sports Gaming Rosters Patreon Now! Exclusive Benefits and more!

Hello all! First of all, please let me reiterate that I will NEVER charge for content. I believe in supporting the Sports Gaming community, especially with how money hungry things have gotten with our genre the past few years. However, I have limited time and resources, and would like to make this site the best it could be. So I decided to set up a single Patreon subscription option. It is completely optional of course, but you will get the following benefits, with more to be added as things progress.

  • Recognition on the front page of this website. You can feel free to promote anything you would like.
  • Constant access to spreadsheets, rankings and other off-site information I have, via Google Sheets.
  • On demand file updates. I usually only upload files when they are done, but if you want, you can request access at any time.
  • Once I have enough subscribers, I will give away video games and other goodies regularly!
  • Much, much more to come.

Again, this is completely optional, but it would go a very long way towards making this the absolute best Sports Video Game roster and database website on the internet.

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