Madden NFL 22 Full 450 Man 2022 Draft Class Out Now! (PS5)

PSN ID: BigGargamel
File Name: SGRFULL450MAN2022
Console: PlayStation 5

Hello all! After hundreds of hours of research, preparation and button pushing the first 2022 class is out! Below you will find the details.

  • All 450 players are real. That means heights, weights, schools, faces and equipment.
  • Jersey numbers are their college numbers, if it falls in line with the NFL’s new jersey number policy.
  • SCOUT! There are sleepers, busts and gems hidden throughout.
  • No X-FACTOR players, only a couple SUPERSTARS and a handful of STARS. These players will fit right in with your existing roster.
  • First of HOPEFULLY four classes.

If you enjoy these rosters, please consider donating using the PayPal link on my website. At the very least, subscribe to my YouTube channel, which you can find if you click on the video links below.



One thought on “Madden NFL 22 Full 450 Man 2022 Draft Class Out Now! (PS5)

  1. Is there anyway to get the Madden draft classes offline? Madden share not working at this point been trying for weeks now.


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