Update on NBA 2K22 Content

Well, I think the picture for this post should tell you how I feel about this game.

I just can’t anymore.

I skipped this game in 2020. I bought 2K21. I got a MyCareer breaking but where my franchise would not advance after playing over 90 games. It was never fixed. I gave up just then and there.

I cannot, in good conscience, support this $70 casino anymore. I want to play a nice, single player basketball game, but I get sick every time I think about giving this company my money. All I can do is just not purchase this game anymore. Which sucks, because I want to make rosters and I want to make draft classes and I want to bring my Nuggets to the promised land. Even though VC has not completely infiltrated the one mode I do care about, I just cannot give this company my hard earned money. That is the only stance I can take.

The exploitation is simply poison.

Now, if anyone wants to donate a copy of the game to me, I will work on draft classes. Haha. Since it won’t be my money.

I’ll still post my draft class rankings and mock drafts and other info. I just will not be giving my money to purchase this glorified mobile device money trap.

Truly sorry. I hope one day 2K gets better, but I seriously doubt it.


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