Madden NFL 22 – 2023 Full 450 Man Draft Class – Out Now! (PS5)

PSN ID: BigGargamel
File Name: SGRFULL450MAN2023

Thank you so much for your continued support and patience. It has been a wild fall, but better late than never, right?

In this set you will find the usual. All 450 players are real. Height/weight/schools/likeness/equipment appropriate. There are busts and sleepers, so do your scouting!

I truly hope you enjoy, and thank you so much for the support. Let me know in the comments who you drafted!


5 thoughts on “Madden NFL 22 – 2023 Full 450 Man Draft Class – Out Now! (PS5)

  1. Love your NBA2K and Madden classes. How many more class do you plan on doing for madden? Thanks for all your hard work!


  2. Anybody having issues downloading any files from Madden? Keep getting disconnected from the EA server anytime I try to download any content.


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