Madden NFL 22 – 2022 Draft Class v3 HB Ratings and Rankings

1Walker III, KennethHB21Michigan State5’10, 210 lbs76Power Back
2Williams, KyrenHB21Notre Dame5’9, 199 lbs71Elusive Back
3Hall, BreeceHB21Iowa State6’1, 220 lbs75Power Back
4Allgeier, TylerHB22BYU5’11, 220 lbs73Power Back
5Ealy, JerrionHB21Ole Miss5’9, 185 lbs71Receiving Back
6White, RachaadHB23Arizona State6’2, 210 lbs71Elusive Back
7Brooks, KennedyHB22Oklahoma5’11, 215 lbs71Elusive Back
8Spiller, IsaiahHB21Texas A&M6’1, 215 lbs74Power Back
9Goodson, TylerHB21Iowa5’10, 199 lbs73Receiving Back
10McCormick, SincereHB21UTSA5’9, 200 lbs69Elusive Back
11Badie, TylerHB22Missouri5’8, 194 lbs70Receiving Back
12Haskins, HassanHB22Michigan6’1, 220 lbs65Power Back
13White, ZamirHB22Georgia6’0, 215 lbs69Elusive Back
14Knight, ZonovanHB21NC State5’11, 210 lbs69Power Back
15Ford, JeromeHB22Cincinnati5’11, 220 lbs71Elusive Back
16Price, D’VonteHB24Florida International6’2, 215 lbs69Power Back
17Borghi, MaxHB22Washington State5’10, 205 lbs68Receiving Back
18Teague III, MasterHB22Ohio State5’11, 225 lbs69Power Back
19Robinson Jr., BrianHB23Alabama6’1, 228 lbs69Power Back
20Strong Jr., PierreHB23South Dakota State5’10, 210 lbs65Power Back
21Ingram, KeaontayHB22USC6’0, 215 lbs64Elusive Back
22Pierce, DameonHB23Florida5’10, 215 lbs64Elusive Back
23Davis-Price, TyrionHB21LSU6’1, 232 lbs67Power Back
24McLaughlin, JaleelHB22Youngstown State5’9, 175 lbs66Elusive Back
25Rivers, RonnieHB23Fresno State5’9, 195 lbs66Receiving Back
26Durant, MataeoHB22Duke6’1, 195 lbs65Elusive Back
27Warren, JaylenHB22Oklahoma State5’8, 215 lbs64Elusive Back
28Verdell, CJHB23Oregon5’8, 211 lbs63Receiving Back
29Cook, JamesHB22Georgia5’11, 190 lbs62Elusive Back
30Holmes, QuayHB22East Tenn. St.6’1, 216 lbs62Power Back
31White, ZaQuandreHB23South Carolina6’1, 215 lbs59Power Back
32Smith, AbramHB23Baylor5’11, 221 lbs70Power Back
33Koback, BryantHB22Toledo6’0, 210 lbs65Power Back
34Baylor, BJHB22Oregon State5’11, 205 lbs61Elusive Back

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