Good Music Alert – Introducing J. Plantana

Hey guys. This obviously isn’t Sports Gaming related, but I wanted to use my platform to promote a really cool person making some really good music.

I’ve been a hip hop fan since the 80’s, and actually make music on the side that I don’t really talk about here. But my friend here makes some uplifting, positive, fun, great music. And honestly, if you’re a rap fan, she can just spit like crazy. Please take some time out to show her love and check out her music!

You can find her at this link, pretty much everywhere music can be streamed.

J.Plantana is a bisexual female rapper from southeast Michigan, unapologetically exploring her love life, sexuality, and progressive belief systems over alternative hip-hop beats. Upon hearing Rich Brian the first time during her sophomore year of high school, J.Plantana knew that she had found her creative calling as a hip-hop artist. Taking influence from other genre-bending rappers like Anderson .Paak, Beenzino, BROCKHAMPTON, Duckwrth, J released a funky break-up and diss track tune titled “Locket” in 2019. Although she has taken a long hiatus from making music, J.Plantana returned with the release of the single Fire Can’t Hurt Me, consisting of a lyrical introspective duo of songs titled Check, Please! and Fiction. She hopes to infuse her hip-hop music with elements of experimental, techno, and rock music in the future. She has already collaborated with the likes of Zyxalag, Black100youan and others, and is excited to make music with her friends JAADE DIYOSA and Avery Grey.”

Fun Facts!

• I did weekly contest entries on Rap Fame for a while, amassing over 300 followers
• I’m bisexual
• I’m releasing an EP introducing myself, my struggles with mental illness, and my sexuality; it should be coming out over the summer. It’s called “BETTER UPSET.”
• My favorite color is blue
• I consider myself to be experimental and alternative in terms of my style
• I work with Korean artists a lot — i already made a song with black100youan and i am collabing with others. I have been in contact with Tank, a somewhat famous Korean rapper before
• I’m 20
• I’m a communication major


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