2022 NFL Power Rankings – Week 6

Already week 6! Let’s do this thing!

Rank Prev. Team Record Comments
1 2 n0fd1z6xmhigb0eej3323ebwq 4-1 Sure, it was against the lowly Steelers, but Buffalo sure does look every bit of the pre-season Super Bowl favorites they were hyped up to be. The upcoming matchup against the Chiefs is the NFL’s biggest game of the seasonthus far.
2 1 960 5-0 If the 5-0 Eagles can get past Dallas this weekend, their next opponents are Pittsburgh, Houston, Washington and Indianapolis. Four of the worst teams in the NFL.
3 3 857 4-1 The Chiefs and Bills sure do look like they are on a crash course for the AFC Championship. Patrick Mahomes vs. Josh Allen will be must watch TV.
4 6 318 3-2 It is easy to play the “should be” game, but the Ravens should absolutely be, at the worst, 4-1. Barring injury, Baltimore should easily win the AFC North.
5 8 406 4-1 Probably not the way the flamboyant Jerry Jones wants to do it, but the Cowboys continue to win, once again with a dominant defensive effort and Cooper Rush completing 10 passes.
6 7 17683632020 3-2 It does not feel right having the Buccaneers this high, but the NFC, for the most part, is extremely mediocre. Tom Brady and a solid defense should be enough to win the NFC South.
7 9 17227042013 4-1 The Vikings continue to squeak out wins against bad teams, and sit at 4-1. That is all that matters, but I still do not take this team all that seriously. Not that my opinion matters in the least.
8 13 17994552009 3-2 San Francisco is tied with Buffalo for the league lead with only 61 points allowed through five weeks.
9 4 dcy03myfhffbki5d7il3 3-2 Aaron Rodgers has desperately missed Davante Adams. This offense needs to belong to Aaron Jones, but the plodding AJ Dillon unfathomably has more carries to this point.
10 11 644616602020 3-2 The Chargers defense will probably keep this team from being true Super Bowl contenders, but the offense, led by Justin Herbert, can hang with any team in the league. The Jaguars blowout loss was obviously an aberration.
11 14 919 4-1 Yes, I am still hating on the Giants a bit. A victory over the Packers was impressive, however. Obviously Saquon Barkley will not win MVP as long as Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes are standing, but what a comeback story for him.
12 5 15073062018 3-2 To quote Jay-Z: “It was all good just a week ago.” Perhaps Dolphins fans and media types will respect Tua Tagovailoa a bit now. This team has no chance without him.
13 12 15420492021 2-3 Other than a bad week one loss to the Steelers, Cincinnati has run into some tough luck on their way to a 2-3 start. The schedule gets a bit easier, so I expect this team to start racking up the wins and marching towards playoff contention.
14 16 7855_cleveland_browns-primary-2015 2-3 The Browns lost but moved up two spots. So basically, they were “less bad” then the teams they leapt over. Jacoby Brissett has been good enough to keep the Browns from giving Houston a top draft pick, but this is still a transition season.
15 17 8521_las_vegas_raiders-primary-20201 1-4 Another team that lost but rises in the power rankings. The Raiders have been unbelievably unlucky this season. I usually second guess going for a two point conversion to win games late but I cannot fault the Raiders there. No one stops Patrick Mahomes.
16 19 1053 3-2 The Titans are not good, but they are fortunate enough to play in the worst division in the NFL, where 8 or 9 wins should capture the crown.
17 20 907 2-3 It took a while, but New Orleans finally realized that Taysom Hill is their best offensive weapon. Unfortunately for New Orleans, Taysom Hill is their best offensive weapon.
18 26 y71myf8mlwlk8lbgagh3fd5e0 2-3 Raise your hand if you saw the mighty Detroit Lions offense getting shut out? The Patriots have been awfully competitive with rookie Bailey Zappe behind center.
19 10 15988562013 2-3 Playing quarterback in the NFL is a hard thing to do. Trevor Lawrence looked so impressive during Jacksonville’s 2-1 start, but has been miserable since. His interception in the end zone was the worst decision I have seen any quarterback this season make. He is so talented, but questions remain if he has the smarts to make it.
20 15 594183342020 2-3 The Rams are only this high based on past results and reputation. The offense has become completely unwatchable. It is time to lean on that defense, and lean heavy.
21 18 9ebzja2zfeigaziee8y605aqp 2-3 Speaking of unwatchable offense. The Broncos are second to last in scoring in the entire NFL. Unfortunately, we will have to watch them again because they get yet another prime time game this weekend.
22 27 15291162019 3-2 Holy crap, the New York Jets are 3-2. Zach Wilson still is not it, but drafting Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall has made this offense more explosive than it has been in years.
23 23 kwth8f1cfa2sch5xhjjfaof90 2-3 Remember when the Cardinals were 8-0 last year? They have been miserable since then. Dark horse prediction: Kliff Kingsbury will be the next coach to be fired.
24 24 pfiobtreaq7j0pzvadktsc6jv 2-3 If you are going to be bad, at least be entertaining. It is awfully fun to watch Geno Smith sling it around to his talented group of receivers.
25 25 299 2-3 Oh man. What could have been if not for one of the worst roughing the passer calls in NFL history? The Falcons have played extremely hard, with their three losses coming by a total of ten points.
26 29 593 2-2-1 The Colts have scored the fewest points in the NFL, but have two wins against AFC West teams. They are 0-2-1 against the pathetic AFC South. NFL football, ladies and gentlemen.
27 21 17013982017 1-4 Well, at least half of the Detroit Lions remained consistent. The NFL worst defense gave up yet another 29 points. Who saw the offense getting shut out, though?
28 22 970 1-4 Ouch. Pittsburgh could have easily given up 60 points if the Bills did not take their foot off of the gas. The most concerning thing for Steelers fans is this. What if this team winds up with the first overall pick? Do you pass on CJ Stroud because you misread the room and reached for Kenny Pickett in 2021?
29 30 364 2-3 The fact that Justin Fields completed 15 passes for 200 yards for a single touchdown and had his best game of the year tells you all you need to know about the state of the Chicago Bears.
31 31 683260482022 1-4 The Commanders head coach Ron Rivera reiterated that Carson Wentz is the guy for the long haul. If he starts 70% of his games Washington will give a likely high second round pick to the Colts. Things are about to get ugly.
31 32 570 1-3-1 I never like to see teams go winless for too long, so congrats to the Texans, as there will be no winless teams going into November. They are still the least talented team in the NFL.
32 28 f1wggq2k8ql88fe33jzhw641u 1-4 When you are the first team in the NFL to fire your coach, you deserve to be at the very bottom of the barrel. Stink Out Loud for CJ Stroud is on, hot and heavy. I’ll make that saying happen.

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