2022 NFL Power Rankings – Week 8

What a mess. Three good teams in the entire NFL. Why am I doing this again?

Rank Prev. Team Record Comments
1 1 n0fd1z6xmhigb0eej3323ebwq 5-1 Bye.
2 2 960 6-0 Bye.
3 3 857 5-2 No team in the NFL can score the amount of points in as short of a time as the Kansas City Chiefs. They lead the NFL in points scored with 40 more points than the next best team.
4 5 406 5-2 The Cowboys defense is something special. They have not allowed more than 17 points any game this season.
5 4 17227042013 5-1 Bye.
6 7 919 6-1 The Giants are not a Super Bowl contender, but what a season so far for Brian Daboll and company. Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes are obviously the two leading MVP candidates, but Saquon Barkley should get some love. He has been the engine that has made this dysfunctional offense go.
7 9 15420492021 4-3 That week one Joe Burrow four interception performance sure seems like a long time ago. He is on fire, and the Bengals look like the best team in the AFC North. They have navigated a very tough early season schedule.
8 8 318 4-3 The Ravens continue to struggle mightily, but still sit over .500. I am not sure what the problem is. It would help if Lamar Jackson shows something as a passer.
9 13 15291162019 5-2 What a kick in the groin that Breece Hall injury was. He looked like one of the most explosive backs in the NFL already. It is up to Zach Wilson to show something, anything, if the Jets want to be more than a feel good story.
10 15 15073062018 4-3 Tua Tagovailoa makes all of the difference for the Dolphins. He was rusty and should have thrown a couple interceptions, but he knows how to best utilize Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle.
11 17 8521_las_vegas_raiders-primary-20201 2-4 The Raiders have faced two cupcakes so far in Denver and Houston, and have dominated both thoroughly. The record is a tough break, but this is a playoff caliber team. Josh Jacobs has been a true difference maker.
12 18 1053 4-2 The Titans are not good, but they know how to take advantage of a joke of a schedule and division to continue racking up wins. Must be nice to get the Colts, Jaguars and Texans six times a season.
13 6 644616602020 4-3 Once again, the Chargers looked like champs on paper but have underachieved during Sundays. Every team goes through injuries, but what Los Angeles has had to deal with has just been unfair. The JC Jackson injury may be the nail in the coffin.
14 10 17683632020 3-4 Ugh. Having the Buccaneers at 14 makes me feel a bit sick, but here we are. This offense is in complete and utter disarray. Fortunately, the division is the most winnable in football, but this is no where near a Super Bowl contender right now.
15 21 pfiobtreaq7j0pzvadktsc6jv 4-3 Pete Carroll is having one of his most impressive coaching seasons in his career. The Seattle offense is marching, and the defense, other than the Lions game, has done just enough to not break. Seattle could seriously win their division, which seemed unfathomable when they traded Russell Wilson.
16 11 y71myf8mlwlk8lbgagh3fd5e0 3-4 The Patriots are the 2022 NFL season in a nutshell. They dominated the Lions and Browns, then let the Bears run wild on them at home. On top of that, we have a full blown quarterback controversy.
17 12 17994552009 3-4 I really did not like the Christian McCaffrey trade for the 49ers, but the NFC West is in shambles, and the NFC as a whole is down this year, so I suppose San Francisco thinks now is the time to strike.
18 14 299 3-4 The 35-17 loss to the Bengals was the first time the Falcons appeared outmatched this season. A lack of talent will probably be Atlanta’s undoing, but they are still in “first place” in the NFC South.
19 29 594183342020 3-3 Bye.
20 27 kwth8f1cfa2sch5xhjjfaof90 3-4 Kyler Murray welcomed back Deandre Hopkins with open arms. He and Eno Benjamin give this offense a different dimension. We will see if they reinstall plodding James Connor behind the quarterback when he returns.
21 17 dcy03myfhffbki5d7il3 3-4 The Packers are in shambles, no other way to put it. The offense is lost. They need to ride Aaron Jones, but for some unspeakable reason he only has 78 carries on the season. No need to keep him fresh, you need him now.
22 20 907 2-5 The Saints are not a terrible team right now, but no team in the NFL faces as bleak of a future. They have no quarterback, do not have their first round pick, and are tens of millions of dollars in the hole salary cap wise.
23 22 593 3-3-1 Jim Irsay and Colts ownership was spoiled with three decades of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. Things have been so bad since that he finally slammed the gavel and said “enough”. The Colts will tank from here on out in hopes of getting a new quarterback during the draft.
24 29 683260482022 3-4 The Commanders have beat the Jaguars, Bears and Packers, and have more losses than the rest of the NFC East combined. Nothing to get excited about here.
25 30 364 3-4 With no offensive line or receivers, the Bears still do not look to throw the ball, but the coaching staff ifs finally starting to correctly utilize Justin Fields rushing ability. 3-4 should be considered a mild success with this roster.
26 23 7855_cleveland_browns-primary-2015 2-5 That Deshaun Watson trade is already paying off handsomely for Houston. It looks like a top ten pick is on it’s way. The Browns are bad.
27 24 15988562013 2-5 That 2-1 start sure seems like a long time ago. The 2021 quarterback draft class sure looks like it could be a bust from top to bottom. Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, Mac Jones. Not a lot of positives in regards to any of them.
28 25 9ebzja2zfeigaziee8y605aqp 2-5 The Broncos have scored 100 points in 7 games. In the year of 2022, where teams can drop that total in two games. Did I forget to mention they do not even have their first round pick? Ouch.
29 26 970 2-5 The Pittsburgh defense is good enough to keep the team in the game most weeks, but this offense is simply too inept to win games in the NFL.
30 32 f1wggq2k8ql88fe33jzhw641u 2-4 The Panthers fired their coach and traded long time franchise cornerstone Christian McCaffrey. The remaining players played inspired football, holding the Buccaneers to a field goal. Expect them to get back to their tanking ways next week.
31 28 17013982017 1-4 Detroit was slinging the ball all around the field during the first month of the season, but have put up a total of 6 points in the last two games. As crazy as the NFL has been, Detroit being bad at offense and defense offers us some comfort and stability.
32 31 570 1-4-1 Houston is very bad, but things are looking up. They have a great chance to land CJ Stroud to jump start the rebuild, and have a ton of picks from the dysfunctional Browns coming.

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