Baltimore Orioles 2022 MLB Off-Season Roster Page

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Updated: 3/24/23

2023 Projected Roster – Baltimore Orioles
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
SP Kyle Gibson   MLB – 40 Man    
SP Cole Irvin   MLB – 40 Man    
SP Kyle Bradish   MLB – 40 Man    
SP Dean Kremer   MLB – 40 Man    
SP Grayson Rodriguez   MLB – 40 Man    
SP John Means   INJ – 40 Man    
SP DL Hall   AAA – 40 Man    
SP Bruce Zimmermann   AAA – 40 Man    
SP Mike Baumann   40 Man    
SP Spenser Watkins   40 Man    
SP Drew Rom   Minor Leagues – 40 Man    
SP Seth Johnson   AAA – 40 Man    
SP Chris Vallimont   Minor Leagues    
SP Ryan Watson   Minor Leagues    
SP Cade Povich   Minor Leagues    
SP Chayce McDermott   Minor Leagues    
SP Carter Baumler   Minor Leagues    
SP Trey McGough   AAA    
SP Brandon Young   Minor Leagues    
SP Zac Lowther   AAA    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
RP Cionel Perez   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Bryan Baker   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Mychal Givens   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Keegan Akin   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Tyler Wells   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Andrew Politi   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Austin Yoth   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Dillon Tate   INJ – 40 Man    
RP Nick Vespi   AAA – 40 Man    
RP Noah Denoyer   AAA – 40 Man    
RP Yennier Cano   AAA – 40 Man    
RP Joey Krehbiel   AAA – 40 Man    
RP Logan Gillaspie   AAA – 40 Man    
RP Darwinzon Hernandez   AAA    
RP Phoenix Sanders   AAA    
RP Cole Uvila   AAA    
RP Eduard Bazardo   AAA    
RP Reed Garrett   AAA    
RP Kyle Dowdy   Minor Leagues    
RP Nick Richmond   Minor Leagues    
RP Kevin Smith   Minor Leagues    
RP Conner Loeprich   Minor Leagues    
RP Ryan Conroy   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
CL Felix Bautista   MLB – 40 Man    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
C Adley Rutschman   MLB – 40 Man    
C James McCann   MLB – 40 Man    
C Anthony Bemboom   AAA    
C Mark Kolozsvary   AAA    
C Ramon Rodriguez   Minor Leagues    
C Maverick Handley   Minor Leagues    
C Samuel Basallo   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
1B Ryan Mountcastle   MLB – 40 Man    
1B Ryan O’Hearn   AAA    
1B Lewin Diaz   AAA    
1B T.T. Bowens   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
2B Adam Frazier   MLB – 40 Man    
2B Terrin Vavra   MLB – 40 Man    
2B Connor Norby   Minor Leagues    
2B Cesar Prieto   Minor Leagues    
2B Leandro Arias   Minor Leagues    
2B Greg Cullen   AAA    
2B Adam Hall   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
3B Ramon Ortiz   MLB – 40 Man    
3B Josh Lester   AAA    
3B Jordan Westburg   AAA    
3B Max Wagner   Minor Leagues    
3B Colby Mayo   Minor Leagues    
3B Maikol Hernandez   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
SS Gunnar Henderson   MLB – 40 Man    
SS Jorge Mateo   MLB – 40 Man    
SS Joey Ortiz   AAA – 40 Man    
SS Jackson Holliday   Minor Leagues    
SS Frederick Bencosme   Minor Leagues    
SS Cadyn Grenier   AAA    
SS Carter Young   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
LF Austin Hayes   MLB – 40 Man    
LF Ryan McKenna   MLB – 40 Man    
LF Robert Neustrom   AAA    
LF Heston Kjerstad   Minor Leagues    
LF Donta’ Williams   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
CF Cedric Mullens   MLB – 40 Man    
CF Kyle Stowers   MLB – 40 Man    
CF Daz Cameron   AAA    
CF Zach Watson   Minor Leagues    
CF Hudson Haskin   Minor Leagues    
CF Jud Fabian   Minor Leagues    
CF Braylin Tavera   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
RF Anthony Santander   MLB – 40 Man    
RF Colton Cowser   Minor Leagues    
RF Nomar Mazara   AAA    
RF Franchy Cordero   AAA    
RF Dylan Beavers   Minor Leagues    
RF John Rhodes   Minor Leagues    
Baltimore Orioles Top 30 Prospects via
Rank Name Position In Game?
Potential OVR
1 Gunnar Henderson SS Yes    
2 Grayson Rodriguez RHP Yes    
3 Jackson Holliday SS Yes    
4 Colton Cowser RF Yes    
5 Jordan Westburg 3B Yes    
6 Heston Kjerstad LF Yes    
7 DL Hall LHP Yes    
8 Joey Ortiz SS Yes    
9 Connor Norby 2B Yes    
10 Coby Mayo 3B Yes    
11 Dylan Beavers RF Yes    
12 Samuel Basallo C Yes    
13 Cade Povich LHP Yes    
14 Max Wagner 3B Yes    
15 Hudson Haskin CF Yes    
16 Seth Johnson RHP Yes    
17 Jud Fabian CF CAP    
18 Cesar Prieto 2B Yes    
19 Chayce McDermott RHP CAP    
20 Drew Rom LHP Yes    
21 John Rhodes RF Yes    
22 Frederick Bencosme SS CAP    
23 Carter Baumler RHP CAP    
24 Ryan Watson RHP CAP    
25 Braylin Tavera CF CAP    
26 Luis Almeyda SS 16 years old    
27 Maikol Hernandez 3B CAP    
28 Leandro Arias 2B CAP    
29 Noah Denoyer RHP CAP    
30 Carter Young SS CAP    
N/A Zach Peek RHP CAP    

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