Cincinnati Reds 2022 MLB Off-Season Roster Page

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Updated: 3/24/23

2023 Projected Roster – Cincinnati Reds
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
SP Hunter Greene   MLB – 40 Man    
SP Nick Lodolo   MLB – 40 Man    
SP Graham Ashcraft   MLB – 40 Man    
SP Luke Weaver   MLB – 40 Man    
SP Luis Cessa   MLB – 40 Man    
SP Justin Dunn   INJ – 40 Man    
SP Vladimir Gutierrez   INJ    
SP Brandon Williamson   AAA – 40 Man    
SP Lyon Richardson   Minor Leagues – 40 Man    
SP Connor Phillips   AAA    
SP Andrew Abbott   AAA    
SP Kevin Herget   Minor Leagues    
SP Chase Petty   Minor Leagues    
SP Bryce Hubbart   Minor Leagues    
SP Levi Stoudt   AAA – 40 Man    
SP Chase Anderson   AAA    
SP Sam Benschoter   Minor Leagues    
SP Joe Boyle   AA    
SP Christian Roa   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
RP Lucas Sims   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Reiver Sanmartin   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Buck Farmer   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Ian Gibaut   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Fernando Cruz   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Connor Overton   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Tejay Antone   INJ – 40 Man    
RP Tony Santillan   INJ – 40 Man    
RP Joel Kuhnel   40 Man    
RP Ricky Karcher   AAA – 40 Man    
RP Bennett Sousa   MLB – 40 Man    
RP Daniel Duarte   Minor Leagues    
RP Casey Legumina   AAA – 40 Man – Need to CAP    
RP Hunter Strickland   NRI    
RP Alex Young   AAA    
RP Ben Lively   AAA – Need to CAP    
RP Derek Law   NRI    
RP Jared Solomon   AAA    
RP Silvino Bracho   AAA    
RP Andy Fisher   AAA    
RP Eddie Demurias   AAA    
RP Kevin Herget   AAA    
RP Randy Wynne   AAA    
RP Tommy Eveld   AAA    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
CL Alexis Diaz   MLB – 40 Man    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
C Tyler Stephenson   MLB – 40 Man    
C Luke Maile   MLB – 40 Man    
C Curt Casali   MLB – 40 Man    
C Chuckie Robinson   Minor Leagues    
C Logan Tanner   Minor Leagues    
C Alfredo Duno   Minor Leagues    
C Daniel Vellojin   Minor Leagues    
C Matheu Nelson   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
1B Joey Votto   MLB – 40 Man    
1B Wil Myers   MLB – 40 Man    
1B Alex McGarry   Minor Leagues    
1B Christian Encarnacion-Strand   AAA    
1B Michael Triana   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
2B Jonathan India   MLB – 40 Man    
2B Matt Reynolds   AAA    
2B Alejo Lopez   AAA    
2B Matt McLain   Minor Leagues    
2B Carlos Jorge   Minor Leagues    
2B Ivan Johnson   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
3B Spencer Steer   MLB – 40 Man    
3B Jason Vosler   NRI    
3B Cam Collier   Minor Leagues    
3B Sal Stewart   Minor Leagues    
3B Ricardo Cabrera   Minor Leagues    
3B Elly De La Cruz   AAA – 40 Man    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
SS Kevin Newman   MLB – 40 Man    
SS Noelvi Marte   AA – 40 Man    
SS Jose Barrero   40 Man    
SS Richie Martin   AAA    
SS Edwin Arroyo   Minor Leagues    
SS Victor Acosta   Minor Leagues    
SS Leonardo Balcazar   Minor Leagues    
SS Jose Torres   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
LF TJ Friedl   MLB – 40 Man    
LF Stuart Fairchild   AAA – 40 Man    
LF T.J. Hopkins   AAA    
LF Nick Solak   Minor Leagues    
LF Ariel Almonte   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
CF Nick Senzel   MLB – 40 Man    
CF Michael Siani   AAA    
CF Will Benson   MLB – 40 Man    
CF Jay Allen II   Minor Leagues    
CF Hector Rodriguez   Minor Leagues    
Position Name Age Level Potential OVR
RF Jake Fraley   MLB – 40 Man    
RF Allan Cerda   Minor Leagues    
RF Henry Ramos   MLB – Need to CAP    
RF Rece Hinds   Minor Leagues    
RF Austin Hendrick   Minor Leagues    
RF Nick Plummer   AAA    
Cincinnati Reds Top 30 Prospects via
Rank Name Position In Game?
Potential OVR
1 Elly De La Cruz 3B Yes    
2 Noelvi Marte SS Yes    
3 Edwin Arroyo SS Yes    
4 Cam Collier 3B Yes    
5 Spencer Steer 3B Yes    
6 Matt McLain 2B Yes    
7 Christian Encarnacion-Strand 1B Yes    
8 Chase Petty RHP CAP    
9 Sal Stewart 3B CAP    
10 Brandon Williamson LHP Yes    
11 Andrew Abbott LHP Yes    
12 Connor Phillips RHP Yes    
13 Jay Allen II CF Yes    
14 Ricardo Cabrera 3B CAP    
15 Levi Stoudt RHP Yes    
16 Carlos Jorge 2B CAP    
17 Victor Acosta SS CAP    
18 Rece Hinds RF Yes    
19 Logan Tanner C CAP    
20 Bryce Hubbart LHP CAP    
21 Ariel Almonte LF CAP    
22 Austin Hendrick RF Yes    
23 Michael Siani CF Yes    
24 Leonardo Balcazar SS CAP    
25 Alfredo Duno C CAP    
26 Jose Torres 2B CAP    
27 Hector Rodriguez CF CAP    
28 Daniel Vellojin C CAP    
29 Ricky Karcher RHP CAP    
30 Lyon Richardson RHP Yes    
N/A Christian Roa RHP CAP    

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