NBA 2K23 – PS5 Full 150 Man 2023 Draft Class Out Now!

PSN ID: BigGargamel
File Name: SGRFULL150-2023DC

Hello friends! A bit late but here it is. As far as I can tell, the only full 150 man draft class on the share. As usual, I took my time to make sure this was as complete and accurate as possible. In this class you will find the following

-All 150 prospects are real players.
-A good mix of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. The number of each is comparable to past drafts.
-Some underclassmen declared too early and will not get drafted.
-Unlike draft boards you see everywhere, the first round will not be completely dominated by freshmen. This is now how the real draft works. Playoff teams like to draft upperclassmen. You have the opportunity to do the same.
-Faces and accessories are accurate. I used full body pics on Google when available for reference.
-Players based off personal Sports Gaming Rosters draft analysis.
-Ratings based on scouting reports from several sources.
-Players in the class accurate as of 1/17/23

One thing to know. NBA 2K23 has a very annoying profanity filter when created draft classes. Previous years, there were workarounds, but I could not find any this year. So you will have to rename players. I created a video showing the fastest way to rename and all the players who need fixes. It is about a 10 minute process.

I really hope you all enjoy this. Sorry it took so long to come out, but better late than never I hope!

Below video shows all players in the class. First section is spoiler free. Second section shows OVR ratings, so view at your own risk!

This video shows the players who will need to be renamed and the quickest way to complete the process.

Players who will need to be renamed

Abogidi, Efe
Aimaq, Fardaws
Appleby, Tyree
Bates, Emoni
Bediako, Charles
-Brazile, Trevon
-Black, Leaky
Bona, Adem
Boum, Souley
Brooks, Keion
-Campbell, Tyger
Cissoko, Sidy
Clowney, Noah
-Council IV, Ricky
-Cryer, LJ
-Davis, Kendric
Dick, Gradey
Djurisic, Nikola
-Ducas, Alex
Ellis, Boogie
Filipowski, Kyle
Fudge, Alex
-George, Keyonte
Gortman, Jazian
-Griggs, Bryce
-Gueye, Mouhamed
-Henderson, Scoot
Hendricks, Taylor
-Hodge, D’Moi
Holmes II, DaRon
Hood-Schifino, Jalen
Howard, Jett
Huntley-Hatfield, Brandon
-Jackson II, G.G.
-James, Josiah-Jordan
Kriisa, Kerr
Laszewski, Nate
Lewis, Maxwell
-Lively II, Dereck
-McCullar Jr., Kevin
Mutts, Justyn
-Nolley II, Landers
Nunge, Jack
Obanor, Kevin
Pember, Drew
Ramey, Courtney
Rupert, Rayan
Scheierman, Baylor
Sensabaugh, Brice
-Sharp, Jamarion
Sherfield, Grant
-Smith, Terquavion
-Smith, Tolu
-Soriano, Joel
Starling, J.J.
Strawther, Julian
Sueing, Justice
-Thamba, Flo
-Thompson, Amen
-Thompson, Ausar
-Tubelis, Azuolas
-Vescovi, Santiago
Wahab, Qudus
Walker, Jarace
-Walker, Johned
-Wallace, Cason
-Ware, Kel’el
-Wheeler, Sahvir
-Whitehead, Dariq


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