Madden NFL Draft Class Prospects – Auburn Tigers

Updated: 5/9/23

I want to apologize in advance for not doing much Madden NFL 23 wise. I went through a lot of mental and physical health issues over the fall. On top of that, Madden was just a really bad game, and I didn’t even get through one year of my franchise before I gave up on the game. It is hard to put so much effort into a game that is so bad. But I will try again in 2023.

I am doing these pages now in an effort to keep a yearly running list of players, to make it easier when it is time to once again try to do draft classes. These will be updated all throughout the recruiting and off-season, so check back often!

2024 Class
Position Name Class H/W 24/7 Comp.
HB Jarquez Hunter 3yr 5’10, 202 lbs N/A
OT Gunner Britton 5yr 6’6, 305 lbs N/A
C Avery Jones 5yr 6’4, 305 lbs N/A
DT Justin Rogers 4yr 6’3, 332 lbs Isaiah Wynn
CB D.J. James 4yr 6’1, 174 lbs N/A
2025 Class
Position Name Class H/W 24/7 Comp.
TE Rivaldo Fairweather 5yr 6’5, 245 lbs N/A
DT Jayson Jones 5yr 6’6, 328 lbs T.J. Barnes
DT Jeffrey M’ba 4yr 6’6, 313 lbs Perrion Winfrey
CB Keionte Scott 4yr 6’0, 185 lbs N/A
2026 Class
Position Name Class H/W 24/7 Comp.
QB Robby Ashford 5yr 6’3, 212 lbs Joey Gatewood
WR Camden Brown 4yr 6’3, 202 lbs Chris Pierce
OLB Dylan Brooks 5yr 6’4, 232 lbs Bradley Chubb
OLB DeMario Tolan 4yr 6’2, 222 lbs Tony Fields
CB J.D. Rhym 5yr 6’1, 181 lbs N/A
2026 Class
Position Name Class H/W 24/7 Comp.
HB Jeremiah Cobb 4yr 5’11, 185 lbs N/A
WR Caleb Burton 5yr 6’0, 165 lbs Tylan Wallace
OT E.J. Harris 5yr 6’5, 312 lbs N/A
DE Keldric Faulk 4yr 6’5, 270 lbs N/A
MLB Robert Woodyard Jr. 5yr 6’0, 245 lbs N/A
CB Kayin Lee 4yr 5’10, 175 lbs Faion Hicks
SS Sylvester Smith 4yr 5’11, 195 lbs N/A

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