2024 NBA Mock Draft – 4/11/23

Looking towards next year, there is no Victor Wembanyama or Scoot Henderson. In fact, there is no consensus number one pick at all. There are more than a handful of players in consideration. It should be fun to see who differentiates themselves from the crowd over the next 15 months.

I still have a lot to learn when it comes to this next group of prospects, so this is just a first look.

I quickly ranked teams and ran a lottery generator. Number in parenthesis is the team’s original draft position.

Pick Team Player Position School Class H/W
1 Utah Jazz (5) Cody Williams SF Colorado Fr 6’8, 180 lbs
2 San Antonio Spurs (1) Matas Buzelis SF Lithuania/USA/G-League N/A 6’10, 195 lbs
3 Charlotte Hornets (6) Ron Holland SF Texas Fr 6’8, 195 lbs
4 Detroit Pistons (2) Zaccharie Risacher SF France Intl. 6’9, 200 lbs
5 Oklahoma City Thunder (from HOU) Thierry Darlan SF Senegal/G-League Intl. 6’6, 195 lbs
6 Toronto Raptors Isaiah Collier PG USC Fr 6’3, 190 lbs
7 Portland Trail Blazers Justin Edwards SF Kentucky Fr 6’7, 180 lbs
8 Washington Wizards Tyrese Proctor PG Duke So 6’5, 175 lbs
9 Chicago Bulls Anthony Black PG Arkansas So 6’7, 190 lbs
10 Orlando Magic Kyle Filipowski C Duke So 7’0, 230 lbs
11 Minnesota Timberwolves Bobi Klintman PF Wake Forest So 6’10, 225 lbs
12 Miami Heat Trevon Brazile PF Arkansas So 6’10, 212 lbs
13 New York Knicks (from DAL) DJ Wagner PG Kentucky Fr 6’3, 165 lbs
14 New Orleans Pelicans Aaron Bradshaw C Kentucky Fr 7’0, 210 lbs
15 Houston Rockets (from BKN) Mark Mitchell SF Duke So 6’8, 220 lbs
16 Indiana Pacers Amari Bailey SG UCLA So 6’5, 185 lbs
17 New Orleans Pelicans (from LAL) Rayan Rupert SG France Intl. 6’6, 190 lbs
18 Atlanta Hawks Ja’Kobe Walter SG Baylor Fr 6’5, 180 lbs
19 Oklahoma City Thunder (from LAC) Donovan Clingan C Connecticut So 7’2, 265 lbs
20 New York Knicks Brandin Podziemski SG Santa Clara Jr 6’5, 205 lbs
21 Memphis Grizzlies (from GSW) Aday Mara C Spain Intl. 7’3, 242 lbs
22 Atlanta Hawks (from SAC) Jordan Walsh SF Arkansas So 6’7, 205 lbs
23 Oklahoma City Thunder Kel’el Ware C Indiana So 7’0, 210 lbs
24 Phoenix Suns Stephon Castls SG Connecticut Fr 6’6, 205 lbs
25 Denver Nuggets Andrej Stojakovic SF Stanford Fr 6’6, 185 lbs
26 Philadelphia 76ers Adem Bona C UCLA So 6’10, 235 lbs
27 Cleveland Cavaliers Riley Kugel SG Florida So 6’5, 207 lbs
28 Memphis Grizzlies DaRon Holmes II PF Dayton Jr 6’10, 225 lbs
29 Boston Celtics Bronny James SG Undecided Fr 6’2, 190 lbs
30 Milwaukee Bucks Xavier Booker PF Michigan State Fr 6’10, 205 lbs

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