MLB The Show 20 CAP’s

Until MLB The Show develops the option to create Draft Classes, we will have to do things the hard way. These CAP’s are meant to be used in your franchise. What I did was typed up the entire 6 round draft and switched out the fake players for real guys, using (mostly)’s draft prospect rankings. I kept the positions the same when I could. I also created some additional under 18 (as of the 2020 season) prospects, which I will also list below.

Note: The 2020 draft players will appear once you begin your 2021 season. Additionally, any players that were not signed will end up in the free agent pool. Why? Who knows. Just another SCEA mystery. They should disappear all together (aka go to college), but that is what we have.


1. Detroit Tigers – 1B Spencer Torkelson, Arizona State
2. Baltimore Orioles – SS Austin Martin, Vanderbilt