Madden NFL 17 CAP – EDGE Solomon Thomas, Stanford

Solomon Thomas

Solomon Thomas – 77 OVR

EDGE Rusher (4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB)

Player Info

Jersey Number: 90’s
Handedness: Right
Player Type: Pass Rusher (4-3 DE) or 3-4 Pass Rusher (3-4 OLB)


Height: 6’3
Weight: 273
Age: 22
Skin Tone: 4
Select Face: 8



Helmet Type: Riddell Speed Flex
Face Mask: Speed Flex 3 Bar RB
Visor: Clear
Face Marks: None
Neck Pad: None
Pad Height: 0
Pad Width: 0
Sleeves: Sleeveless
Back Plate: None
Flak Jacket: None
Arm Sleeves: None
Left Elbow: None
Right Elbow: None
Left Wrist: Taped Wrists Normal
Right Wrist: Taped Wrists Normal
Left Hand: Nike Vapor Knit Primary
Right Hand: Nike Vapor Knit Primary
Hand Warmer: None
Towel: None
Thigh Pads: Nike
Knee Pads: Regular
Left Ankle: White Half Spat
Right Ankle: White Half Spat
Sock Height: Standard
Shoes: Nike Vapor Untouchable


Speed: 80
Tackle: 82
Block Shedding: 73
Hit Power: 82
Finesse Moves: 86
Power Moves: 84
Play Recognition: 69
Pursuit: 78
Acceleration: 81
Agility: 76
Awareness: 68
Man Coverage: 59
Zone Coverage: 67
Strength: 83
Injury: 82
Stamina: 84
Toughness: 78
Catching: 58
Press; 36
Jumping: 86

Player Traits

Quick Development
Pass Rush LB Style
Balanced Play Ball Tendency
Swim Move
Bull Rush
High Motor
Undisciplined Penalty Bias


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