Madden NFL 21 Full 450 Player 2021 Draft Class Available Now! (PS4)

PSN ID: BigGargamel
File Name: SGR2021FULL450

Hello all. The first of four classes is now uploaded and live! Read on to learn about the features

  • All 450 players are completely real and edited.
  • Edits include correct heights and weights according to These measurables are adjusted to when the player is in the NFL. Meaning you will not see a 6’5, 220 pound defensive end.
  • Schools, faces, body types, positions, equipment is accurate for every single player in the class. Big thanks to Operation Sports forum member Jeffhamm for compiling an excellent spreadsheet with full body pictures to go off of in regards to equipment.
  • Ratings and tendencies edited for every player to the best of my abilities.
  • Hidden gems and busts throughout. Scout scout scout!
  • After much deliberation, Trey Lance is in this class.

Check the links on the website for much more information, including rankings by positions, spoiler free lists and videos!

Enjoy. 2022 through 2024 is on it’s way!

Note: Sports Gaming Rosters will never charge for content, but it took a couple hundred hours research and editing to put this class together. There is a PayPal donate button on the right side of this webpage. Anything is appreciated!

13 thoughts on “Madden NFL 21 Full 450 Player 2021 Draft Class Available Now! (PS4)

  1. Love the work you put in this year, really appreciate it and sent you a PayPal.

    I do wish their speed ratings, particularly receivers didn’t skew so high – 2021 had as many players at 96+ speed as the entire NFL. But that was like an hour of my time and gave me a deep appreciation of how tedious it has to be to go in and change everything about every player out of 450 – hence the PayPal.

    So thanks! Easily the most accurate class I’ve ever seen, so sorry for the nitpick.


      1. every class so far has been fire ive been using it with That franchise Guys custom roster. Masa Funa been a beast for my lions. any estimate on when the 2024 class is coming out?


  2. classes are fire once again!! will 2024 be out anytime soon? love all you work, your draft classes, and That Franchise Guys custom roster make franchise playable


  3. Why is it that the ‘personality’ trait is low fro TLaw? I like the ambiguity on most cases, but he should be a 90+ for personality, since he’s the top 1 consensus pick, no?


    1. Not this year unfortunately 😦 I was unable to transfer my classes from PS4 to PS5, EA didn’t let us. Which is a really stupid decision. I just don’t have the time to do them all over again. I am going to create some off-season classes with rookies though. Based on mock drafts. Hopefully at least 100 or so.


  4. Can someone send me the PS4 files? For whatever reason it always gives me a connection error when I try and download them from the madden server?


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