NBA 2K17 – 2017 Full 150 Man Draft Class (PS4)

  • PSN ID: BigGargamel
  • File name: 2017 – Full 150 Prospects

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy.

I believe this is the only 2017 draft class on the 2K server that includes all 150 players.

This is important to me for two reasons. One, I have OCD and hate fake players of any kind. But 2, there have already been 13 undrafted players to play NBA minutes this year. I hate that other classes have the draft end after 60 players. You deserve options. In the second round, you have 50 or 60 guys to choose from, and real legit players to sign as undrafted free agents to fill out your roster.

The reason I waited several weeks to complete this file is because I wanted it to be the most up to date and relevant file available. Who wants to use a class that includes Ray Smith, who has retired from basketball? I did not base this class on DraftExpress or This is my opinion, and coincides with my own mock drafts, analysis and opinions.

I included a ton of underclassmen, consistent with the number of early entrants from years past. There are freshman who will struggle to get drafted in the second round, just like the real NBA.

I limited the number of foreign prospects, because second round guys usually never even come to the NBA.

To get the most out of this class (and subsequent classes) I suggest you take control of all 30 teams. When the draft is complete have the teams sign their second rounders to fill out the roster. If you look at the real NBA, almost every second round American draft pick is on a roster. Also, occasionally check the rotations to ensure that rookies actually get minutes. NBA 2K has an annoying habit of playing the same 8 or 9 guys all year, and the bench players end up playing in zero games.

Below I have included a few videos.

Full class – Spoiler free edition.


Full class – With Ratings


Full class – 2017 Draft Simulation


Full class – Rookie statistics