Madden NFL 18 Off Season Rosters With Rookies v 1.0 – PS4

Hey guys. I’m back with some off season rosters for you guys.

PSN ID: BigGargamel
File Name: SGR2018OffSeason


Version 1 – 5/5/18

– 99% accurate depth charts and rosters. Based on depth charts. The only issue I came across was I could not add Delvin Breaux back on the Saints. Stupid salary cap reasons. Also, a couple kickers/punters are off because I have not created rookies. You can say the same about a small hand full of players I had to leave on teams for minimum roster requirements. These will be fixed when I add more rookies.

– All first round rookies created.


I will release a version every time I create a round of rookies. Please subscribe to my website and join the Facebook group. I hope you all enjoy!

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