MLB The Show Ultimate Roster Project – Final Edition Out Now!

ID: BigGargamel

Make sure to download the most up to date version in the vault.

Well, here it is. The project started innocently enough, but as it went on I realized how terrible the out of the box rosters actually were. I wanted to give up more than a few times, but I am glad I went through with it. I believe this is the ultimate roster for those who are looking for a true minor league, prospect heavy (but not too heavy) experience.

What does this set include?

Opening day rosters. The season is a month plus old but I kept it opening day. So guys like Jay Bruce are still on rosters.
485 prospect CAP’s. 99% of MLB’s Top 30 prospects included. Dozens of additional prospects.
Face edits, equipment, skin tones all accurate as of the clearest Google pics I could find.
AAA rosters mostly accurate. Since the AAA season just started, I went by what OOTP 22 had in it’s rosters.
More prospects than any other set. But not ONLY prospects. Still plenty of AAA/AA lifers in this set.
Potential ratings not out of control. I believe an A potential should be reserved for true difference makers.
OVR ratings more in line with multi year development. An 18 year old catcher should not really be rated at 62 OVR.
So much more. This set took me over 200 hours to complete. I could have actually kept going with things, but I was ready to play the game!

As always, this project was a one man operation. It takes a little while, but I do believe the wait is always worth it. Please, dive in and check it out!

I am going to update the team roster pages on this site with full rosters. For now, you can see all the prospects in this set by clicking on the team names to the right/bottom of this website.


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