2022 NFL Power Rankings – Week 7

I am very confident about my top three. I am also confident about my bottom four. Other than that? What a jumbled mess. Ahh well, here we go!

Rank Prev. Team Record Comments
1 1 n0fd1z6xmhigb0eej3323ebwq 5-1 Well, the game of the year definitely lived up to the hype. All roads to the Super Bowl go through Buffalo.
2 2 960 6-0 The Eagles are winning by running the football, not turning it over and playing solid defense. Will that be enough to make the Super Bowl? Without any real juggernauts in the NFC this year, perhaps.
3 3 857 4-2 Someone had to lose this game, and it happened to be the Chiefs. Make no mistake, it will be an utter upset if those two squads do not meet up for an AFC Championship rematch.
4 7 17227042013 5-1 Another so-so win against a team down on its luck, but all that matters is the Vikings sit at 5-1. After a couple more cupcake games, Minnesota gets a tough four game stretch against the Bills, Cowboys, Patriots and Jets.
5 5 406 4-2 Cooper Rush did enough to keep the ship afloat, but the Cowboys desperately need Dak Prescott to come back and stay healthy. If he can, the Cowboys could make a serious run.
6 10 644616602020 4-2 This ranking is based more on potential when they get healthy, as they have had to work very hard to squeak out wins against cupcakes Houston, Cleveland and Denver.
7 11 919 5-1 Three NFC East teams in the top 7. Welcome back, Giants! The schedule remains extremely friendly, with games against the Jaguars, Seahawks, Texans and Lions.
8 4 318 3-3 I am not sure what the problem is. Coaching, Lamar Jackson, the defense, but the Ravens are routinely blowing late leads and it is disconcerting. There is no reason they should not be 6-0 or 5-1 right now.
9 13 15420492021 3-3 The Bengals are only 8 points away from being 6-0, and here they sit back in first place. They still need to protect Joe Burrow better, but are sitting in good shape in the very winnable AFC North.
10 6 17683632020 3-3 Tom Brady came back for this? Sure, there have been receiver issues, but this offense is a mess right now. Fortunately, they play in the weakest division in the NFC, but this is not a contender right now.
11 18 y71myf8mlwlk8lbgagh3fd5e0 3-3 Every time I write the Patriots off, they come storming back. They are back at .500 thanks to two dominating wins. Somehow, Bailey Zappe helped the Patriots win their last game, instead of simply trying not to lose it.
12 8 17994552009 3-3 The good news for San Francisco is the defense should be enough to win a very bad division. I cannot see this team making any playoff noise with the issues on offense, however.
13 22 15291162019 4-2 In a season of surprises, the Jets ate 4-2 is the biggest. I still cannot take them seriously long term because Zach Wilson is terrible, but Breece Hall is already an NFL workhorse and that defense has been awfully impressive.
14 25 299 3-3 The Falcons had a bottom five roster on paper, but have played harder and tougher than perhaps any team in the NFL. They finally had their statement win against the 49ers, but have been in every single game they have played. Time to give these guys some due.
15 12 15073062018 3-3 Miami can not get NFL QBR leader Tua Tagovailoa back soon enough. Other than a fourth quarter meltdown against the Jets, Miami has remained relatively competitive considering the circumstances.
16 9 dcy03myfhffbki5d7il3 3-3 The Packers are skating by due to reputation. This is a terrible team right now. The offense has lost it’s identity. They get two opposites of the spectrum with games against the Commanders and Bills coming up next.
17 15 8521_las_vegas_raiders-primary-20201 1-4 Bye.
18 16 1053 3-2 Bye.
19 20 594183342020 3-3 Congrats on beating the worst team in the NFL. Baby steps. Not much to take away from this game, other than Cam Akers is probably done in Los Angeles.
20 17 907 2-4 The Saints are case number one for why quarterbacks are so important. This roster is very solid, but without someone to lead the offense, the losses are stacking up. Unfortunately for Saints fans, a tank would be pointless since their first round pick goes to Philadelphia.
21 24 pfiobtreaq7j0pzvadktsc6jv 3-3 If you had Geno Smith with a top five QBR in the NFL then, well, no you didn’t. It is time to start taking the “rebuilding” Seahawks as a serious threat to win the NFC West.
22 26 593 3-2-1 Matt Ryan finally showed some signs of life in 2022, throwing for a whopping 32 completions. I still think the Colts are the most talented team in the AFC North, but Ryan may have had his best game of the season. His arm is shot.
23 14 7855_cleveland_browns-primary-2015 2-4 This looks like yet another lost season in Cleveland. It will be interested to see how quickly they bring back Deshaun Watson when eligible. Tanking will do nothing, as they owe their first round pick to Houston.
24 19 15988562013 2-4 The Jaguars have talent and could easily be 4-2, but this is still a team with a ton of question marks. Topping the list is Trevor Lawrence. Perhaps he was not asked to do much for the juggernaut Clemson Tigers, but does he have the arm strength to succeed in the NFL, or is he simply scared to throw it down field?
25 21 9ebzja2zfeigaziee8y605aqp 2-4 Other than the Urban Meyer fiasco, Nathaniel Hackett may be the worst new hire in years. He seems out of his depth as a head coach, and this offense is perplexingly bad.
26 28 970 2-4 It will still be a struggle on offense, but the Buffalo blowout should be an aberration. Pittsburgh has enough defensively to compete most weeks.
27 23 kwth8f1cfa2sch5xhjjfaof90 2-4 I like Kyler Murray, but he needs to elevate the team around him, and in a hurry. Hopefully the additions of Robby Anderson and DeAndre Hopkins will help right the ship.
28 27 17013982017 1-4 Bye. But somehow Detroit still gave up three touchdowns.
29 30 683260482022 2-4 Well, the Commanders beat the Bears, so they flip flop. I hope you spent your Thursday night doing something more productive than watching that game, such as laundry or self dental surgery.
30 29 364 2-4 There is literally no upside with Chicago right now. What if they finish with the top overall pick? Will they pass on CJ Stroud because the old regime drafted Josh Fields, the guy Stroud replaced at Ohio State, and for some reason people like to compare quarterbacks from same schools?
31 31 570 1-3-1 Bye.
32 32 f1wggq2k8ql88fe33jzhw641u 1-4 Robby Anderson pulled an Antonio Brown and got himself out of Carolina. Will Christian McCaffrey, DJ Moore and anyone else not nailed down follow suit? The Panthers desperately need to lose the rest of their games to get CJ Stroud.

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