MLB The Show 21 Rosters – All 2020 First Round Pick CAP’s (A Video)

As of 4/24/21 I think there is an issue where the vault isn’t working, because of course it isn’t. It would not be a 2021 AAA video game release without a game breaking bug. I will try to upload anyway.

This roster is a work in progress, but I have completed several teams and now have all 2020 first round picks. You can see them all in the video below.


6 thoughts on “MLB The Show 21 Rosters – All 2020 First Round Pick CAP’s (A Video)

    1. Last I heard the Vault was jacked up, but I did upload the file. If you’re able to download it, please let me know. Make sure to check the description to download the correct file. PSN ID: BigGargamel


      1. I downloaded the file fine but when I loaded the roster up and viewed the roster via edit player, nothing had changed. That was the case for every file I tested. It only shows the default roster.


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